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SEMIRAMIS (36) Built in 1808, Deptford.
Broken up in 1844.

  • 1808 Capt. William GRANGER, coast of Spain.
  • 1810 Capt. Charles RICHARDSON, 04/1810, Lisbon, where he exchanged out of CAESAR.
    On the afternoon 24 August 1811 DIANA and SEMIRAMIS were standing towards the Cordovan lighthouse when four sail were sighted inside the shoals at the mouth of the Gironde under the escort of a national brig of war.
    Another brig was stationed under the batteries at Royan.
    Three boats from DIANA and four boats under the orders of Lieuts. Thomas GARDNER, Percy GRACE, NICHOLSON and Mr Henry RENEAU, master's mate, from SEMIRAMIS were sent to attack the convoy which had anchored some four miles up river and this was accomplished late in the night.
    The following morning the two ships attacked the brigs.
    DIANA ran one on board and found that she was the ex-British TEAZER.
    SEMIRAMIS ran the other, a 16-gun-brig PLUVIER, ashore under the guns and burnt her.
    SEMIRAMIS had Lieut. GARDNER; Robert ANNESLEY, captain's coxswain, and Archibald M'ERVING, ordinary seaman, wounded.
    With most of the officers in the boats Lieut. Ingram Taylor RM
    commanded the main deck and the purser, Mr Richard BRICKWOOD the quarter deck guns.
  • At daylight on 29 February 1812 SEMIRAMIS fell in with an enemy cruiser and, after a chase of six hours, captured the privateer brig GRAND JEAN BART of St. Marlo.
    Armed with 14 guns and carrying 106 men she was on her second cruise. She had out-sailed several frigates and, confident of her superiority, she allowed Capt. RICHARDSON to approach too near so that cutting away anchors and boats could not save her.
  • 1814 Cape of Good Hope.
    SEMIRAMIS was paid off at Portsmouth on 29 August 1814.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Portsmouth.
  • 1817 (42 guns) Capt. Sir James Lucas YEO, 10/1817, coast of Africa.
  • 1820 Out of commission at Portsmouth.
    On 10 November 1821 Rear Ad. Lord COLVILLE hoisted his flag in SEMIRAMIS as C. in C. on the Irish station.
    with Capt. Thomas HUSKISSON, 11/1821, as his flag captain.
  • 1822 Capt. Peter RIBOULEAU, 02/1822, Cork.
  • 1825 Capt. Robert ROWLEY, 04/1825, Cork.
    Flagship of Rear Ad. PLAMPIN.
  • 1828 (24 guns) Capt. Maurice F. F. BERKELEY, 05/1828, Cork.
    Flagship of Sir Charles PAGET.
  • 1831 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1832 Out of list.
  • 1833 Ordinary Depot at Plymouth.

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