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SEINE (48) Taken by JASON and PIQUE in the Channel on 29 June 1798. PIQUE grounded and had to be destroyed so Capt. MILNE removed his officers and crew into the prize.
Wrecked in 1803.

  • Capt. David MILNE, 10/1798.
  • 1799 Spithead.
    Convoy to Africa on 20 October.
  • 1800 West Indies.
    On the morning of 20 August he sighted an large enemy frigate standing northward through the Mona Passage and immediately gave chase in a very light breeze.
    When the wind shifted to the northward the enemy was obliged to tack as she could not weather Cape Raphael on the San Domingo shore, but then made all sail to the S. S.E.
    exchanging long range fire with SEINE which did damage to the sails and rigging of both ships.
  • Capt. MILNE managed to bring the enemy to close action on the 25th. and after an hour and a half, during which time her fore-mast, mizzen-mast and main-top-mast had fallen on board, an officer came out on her bowsprit to say that she had surrendered.
  • She was the French frigate VENGEANCE mounting twenty-eight 18-pounders on her main deck, sixteen 12-pounders and eight 42-pounder carronades on her quarter deck and forecastle.
    (French pounds).
    There were brass swivels on her gunwales and shifting guns on her main and quarter-decks.
    Under the command of Capt. Pitot she was on passage from Curacao to France and had several Generals and other officers of the French army on board.
  • Mr George MILNE, the second lieutenant, and twelve seamen were killed.
    Lieut. Archibald Macdonald of the marines, Andrew Barclay, Master, Mr HORNE, Captain's Clerk, twenty-one seamen, three marines and a boy were wounded.
    The other lieutenants were Mr CHEETHAM (1st.) and Mr EDEVEAIR (3rd.).
    Medals were awarded to the survivors in 1849.
    VENGEANCE was brought into Port Royal on the 27th. with only 291 left out of her original complement of 453. She had 10 feet of water in her hold.
  • In December 1800 Mr William Cunningham DALYELL, master's mate, was sent, as a prize-master, with nine men on board a Spanish schooner to take her into Jamaica.
    The vessel sprang a leak and sank during a gale but they managed to escape in a small boat with only what they stood up in and reached the western end of Cuba after rowing for eighteen hours.
    They could find no food or water so they launched the boat again and rowed until they were rescued by some fishing boats and landed near Cape Antonio.
    They were well treated by the local inhabitants and then taken to Havana as prisoners of war.
    Here Mr DALYELL received kind treatment from the governor of Moro castle until he was exchanged two months later.
    He was sent to New Providence and returned to SEINE on board ECHO.
  • The death of Lieut. Colin MACKENZIE on board SEINE at Port Royal was reported in London in February 1801.
    No date given.
  • SEINE returned to England on 12 March 1802 and was paid off at Chatham.
  • When hostilities against France resumed in 1803 Capt. MILNE was reappointed to SEINE. She was wrecked off the Texel during the night of Thursday 21 July 1803 due to the ignorance of the pilots.

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