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SEINE (40) The French L'EMBUSCADE taken on 12 October 1798 by Commodore Sir J.P. WARREN off Donegal. First named AMBroken upSCADE she was renamed SEINE in January 1804 after the original AMBroken upSCADE was retaken in May 1803.
Broken up in 1813.

  • As AMBUSCADE she returned from Jamaica and was paid off at the beginning of 1802 but was immediately re-commissioned by Capt. David ATKINS for the Jamaica station.
  • 1805 During the afternoon of 30 April SEINE, with the assistance of the WINDSOR CASTLE packet she was convoying, captured the French privateer schooner PERSEVERANTE of Guadeloupe after a chase of 3 hours.
    The prize was three years old, fast-sailing and newly coppered. She was armed with four 4-pounders and one long 12-pounder and had 84 men on board when taken.
    The other six of her complement were in the English sloop APOLLO of Bermuda which she had captured.
  • On the morning of 27 May Lieut. Bland of SEINE's marines, in command of the barge, captured the Spanish schooner CONCEPTION of two long 6-pounders and six men. She had many passengers on board who joined in her defence and then escaped in a small boat when she surrendered.
    The prize was from Santa Maxta Martha laden with logwood.
    The nine prisoners appeared very sickly so Capt. ATKINS landed them immediately to avoid the spread of disease into the SEINE.
    Another capture was the Spanish schooner SAN IGNACIO.
  • On 18 June Lieut. Bland and Mr Edward COOK, midshipman, returned from a short cruise in the barge during which he destroyed a Spanish sloop and captured, after an action lasting three quarters of an hour, a large Spanish felucca, the CONCEPTION of two long 4-pounders and 14 men. She was laden with cocoa and cochineal and was bound from Porto Rico to Cadiz.
    The enemy had five men severely wounded.
  • 1807 Channel.
    During the afternoon of 26 December SEINE captured the French privateer lugger SYBILLE.
    pieced for fourteen guns but having only one long gun on board apart from swivels and musketry. She was a new vessel and had made no captures in the five days she had been out from Morlaix.
  • 1809 Capt. ATKINS captured the French privateer brig RODEUR during the evening of 26 October. She was armed with sixteen long 6-pounders with 121 men and was three days out of Bayonne bound on a cruise off the west coast of Ireland where she would have done a lot of mischief to British commerce.
    On 30th. SEINE was chasing the French national corvette MILAN when Sir George COLLIER in SURVEILLANTE joined in and brought the enemy to after four hours thus claiming all the credit.
  • 1810 With a small squadron, CHRISTIAN VII, SEINE and ARMIDE under Capt. Sir Joseph YORKE in the Basque Roads.
    On the night of 12 February, in thick blowing weather, eight boats, including two from SEINE, were sent to destroy a convoy of 10 sail which had got on the reef from the Point of Chatelaidon, between Aix and Rochelle.
    They were opposed by nine enemy gunboats, each armed with 12-pound carronade and six swivels, and rowing from 20 to 30 oars.
  • The enemy were decoyed away from their shore defences and fled when the British boats turned towards them.
    Three chasse-maree were captured and destroyed.
  • Capt. ATKINS lost his life when DEFENCE was wrecked in December 1811
  • 1811 Capt. SKEENE, Downs.
    Capt. James HATLEY, 02/1811, Quebec.
  • 1812 Out of commission at Deptford.

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