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SEAGULL (16) Built in 1806, Dover.
Taken in 1808.

  • 1807 R. CATHCART, Downs.
    On 19 June 1808, some 20 25 miles E. S.E.
    of the Naze of Norway, CATHCART went in chase of a brig in shore and brought her to action.
    The wind dropped and he was obliged to get out his sweeps in order to get between the enemy and the shore but most of these were shot away by the Danish fire.
    After an hour four Danish gunboats with 24-pounders joined in and, in the flat calm, placed themselves on each quarter where they raked SEAGULL with every shot.
    Although SEAGULL held out for another hour, her sinking condition and the rising number of casualties at last forced her to strike.
    The 2nd lieutenant, Abraham Harcourt WHITE, the master, Mr A MARTIN, and 6 men were killed and Capt. CATHCART, the 1st. lieutenant, Mr HATTON, the boatswain, Thomas WILSON, and 17 men were wounded (one mortally).
  • SEAGULL was taken inshore where she sank,(several Danes, including the LOUG's carpenter were drowned) but was later re-floated and added to the Danish navy.
    CATHCART was detained as a prisoner in Norway until October 1808 and tried by court-martial on 21 October the same year aboard the PRINCESS OF ORANGE in the Downs when he was honourably acquitted of blame for the loss of his ship.
    He was promoted to post captain.

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