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SCOURGE (16) Ex HERALD, purchased 1803.
Sold in 1816.

  • 1803 W. WOOLRIDGE, Downs.
    At the beginning of January 1804 Capt. WOOLRIDGE spoke with a Prussian trader out of Amsterdam who informed him of an English ship being held as a prize in the Vlie Roads so, on the night of the 10th. while SCOURGE anchored in less than 5 fathoms a musket shot away from the shore, he sent in his boats under Lieut. W. J. HUGHES to fetch her out.
    This was accomplished without loss although she mounted eight guns and was lying under batteries.
    The purser, Mr WILLIAMSON; the boatswain, Mr HEPBURN, and midshipman DALE and DALY were volunteers in the boats.
  • The vessel they had rescued was an English ship of 400 tons which had being carrying timber from Memel to Hull when she was taken by the Dutch privateer brig UNION (18) off Norway on 19 December 1803.
    Capt. WOOLRIDGE sent her in to Yarmouth Roads and rejoined Rear-Ad. THORNBOROUGH in the Texel.
  • On 21 August 1804 ADAMANT and SCOURGE arrived at Portsmouth with a number of vessels from the Downs under convoy.
    The convoys sailed on the 23rd. with HYDRA for Lisbon and the Mediterranean and PENGUIN for the West Indies.
  • 1805 Deptford.

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