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SAVAGE (14) Sloop Built in 1778, Ipswich.
Hulk in 1804.

  • 1776 Capt. H. BROMEDGE, in July at Halifax, ordered to protect the Collery (sic) at Spanish River in Cape Breton Island.
  • 1780 T. GRAVES.
    On 20 March 1781 SAVAGE was part of a squadron which convoyed 2,000 men under Gen. Phillips from New York to the Chesapeake and the James River. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 99, No. 4, reports that SAVAGE, while destroying property along the Potomac River, embarrassed General Washington by NOT burning Mount Vernon. The General had to rebuke his cousin, the caretaker, for being too nice to the British.
    (Forwarded by S. Lehman, lehmans@mindspring.com)
    GRAVES was promoted post captain May 1781.
  • 1781 Charles STIRLING.
    On 6 September, being on a cruise off Charleston, SAVAGE was chased by the American privateer CONGRESS (24), Capt. GEDDES, of superior force, and brought to action off Charleston. After two hours in which the American's rigging was badly damaged and SAVAGE'S hull was wrecked, the English vessel was obliged to surrender, with 8 killed including the Master and 31 wounded, including the captain, Lieut. SHIELDS and three midshipmen, out of a crew of about 100, her mizzen mast was shot away, the main mast in danger of falling overboard and several guns rendered useless. The privateer lost 11 killed and 30 wounded. While SAVAGE was being taken to an American port she was retaken by SOLEBAY, Capt. Charles EVERITT.
  • 1799 Norborne THOMPSON, Nore.
    In May 1798 she was part of a naval force under Capt. Home POPHAM which landed troops near Ostend. Lock gates and sluices were destroyed but bad weather prevented the troops re-embarking and they were taken prisoner.
  • On the morning of 12 January 1800 the French privateer lugger RENARD, 14 guns and 65 men, Jean Jacque Fourmentin, master, sailed from Boulogne in company with six others. They had captured had an English brig called ATLAS, from Lisbon, off Dungerness when NEMESIS and SAVAGE came up and, while the former gave chase to the luggers, SAVAGE retook the brig. NEMESIS captured RENARD and hired cutter NILE came up and boarded the lugger MODERE at midday. Capt. BAKER of NEMESIS took the two prizes and the brig into the Downs after ordering UNION, NILE and SAVAGE to watch Calais and Boulogne during the night.
    SAVAGE and NILE anchored in the Downs the following morning.
  • On 28 May a court-martial was held on board SAVAGE at Sheerness on Lieut. WHEATLY and his clerk of the GELYKHEIDT prison ship at Gillingham on charges of drunkenness, embezzlement and oppression. They were acquitted.
  • SAVAGE's surgeon, Mr PALMER, appeared before a court martial at Sheerness on the 11 September 1801 charged with drunkenness and not attending to his duty. When found guilty he was dismissed as a surgeon but allowed to serve as a surgeon's mate in another ship.
  • 1802 W. H. WEBLEY, Downs.
    SAVAGE was in Portsmouth from 21-24 April 1802.
  • 1803 Woolwich. Hulk from October 1804.
    Sold 31 August 1815.

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