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SARACEN Built in 1831, Plymouth.
Sold in 1862.

  • 1831 Plymouth.
  • 1834 Lieut. T. P. LE HARDY, 11/1833, Plymouth.
  • 1836 Ditto, Lisbon then the north coast of Spain with Lord John HAY's squadron off Bilbao.
  • 1837 Lieut. Henry HILL, 04/1837, Coast of Africa, where fever was responsible for a large number of deaths among the ship's company. She sailed from Sierra Leone on 1 October 1837 in company with CHILDERS but parted from her three days later to look for slavers in the Gallinas. SARACEN was a brute to sail and was quite unsuitable to the work.
  • When Lieut. HILL boarded a brigantine under Portuguese colours and pointed out to the captain that his crew was Spanish, the captain admitted that he had bought the papers in Porto Praya for a thousand dollars, but they were in order so HILL could not detain him.
    In January 1838 he chased a schooner full of slaves off Whydah but she got away having been warned of SARACEN's presence by the FORTUNA brig.
    At the beginning of March 1840 she was at Sierra Leone when Lieut. Arthur KINGSTON was appointed to her after delivering the slaver LARK to the prize court (see WOLVERINE).
    On 13 March, while on passage to River GAMBIA, a 19 year old named John PLUNKET fell overboard from the main top-gallant-yard. As he fell he struck the topsail-yard and was bleeding and almost senseless when he hit the water. Mr KINGSTON, on the quarter deck, immediately dived overboard but before he could reach him the lad sank below the surface. Fortunately PLUNKET rose again and KINGSTON was able to support him for a quarter of an hour until a boat reached them.
    Lieut. KINGSTON saved another lad in similar circumstances a little later in an area known to be infested with sharks.
  • Between 19 and 26 November 1840 SARACEN, ROLLA and WANDERER destroyed the slave barracoons at Gallinas.
  • 1842 Out of commission at Devonport.

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