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SAPPHIRE (18) Built in 1807, Lynn.
Sold in 1822.

  • 1808 George DAVIES, Channel.
  • 1809 Act.
    Cdr. Bertie Cornelius CATOR, 03/1809, employed on the blockade of Isle de France and Bourbon.
    In August 1809 SAPPHIRE, operating close in shore, opened fire on St. Rose at the eastern end of Bourbon and silenced a battery.
    This permitted men from the frigate NEREIDE under Lieut. BINGHAM to land and capture the governor.
    They then spiked six guns and blew up a store of rockets.
    Lieut. BINGHAM was badly burnt and wounded when lighting a train to blow up a magazine containing 100 barrels of powder.
    Some of the guns were brought off in SAPPHIRE's boats and sunk in deep water.
    The French officer was detained on board NEREIDE until fresh provisions for the ships had been supplied from the island.
  • Capt. DAVIES was promoted to post captain on 21/10/10, the fifth anniversary of Trafalgar.
  • 1811 Henry MONTRESOR, 10/1810, to the Carracas.
  • 1812 Henry HAYNES, Jamaica.
    SAPPHIRE and FORRESTER were escorting a convoy past the Ile de Vache when they chased a small schooner which had been hovering nearby.
    When she struck she proved to be the MARY ANN of Charlestown commanded by Peter Charriol. She was armed with one long 9-pounder amidships and a 4-pounder.
    On 8 November 1812 she seized the schooner JAMES AND RICHARD for illicit trade.
  • 1815 Adam BROWN, Downs.
  • 1816-18 Deptford.

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