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SALSETTE (38) No details.
  • (1805 Built of teak at Bombay as PITT.
    0ut of list 1851) 1807 Capt. G. N. HARDINGE, East Indies.
    Returned home early in 1808.
  • 1808 Capt. BATHURST, Baltic.
    On 30 April 1808, after a chase of five hours from under Moen island, she captured the Danish privateer KRATBESMINDE (8), which had left Copenhagen five days previously but had made no captures. She was commanded by Christian Oxholm with a crew of 31 men.
  • On 23 June Capt. BATHURST chased a Russian sloop-of-war to Revel and captured a galliot partly laden with spirits at anchor in the roads.
    As he was bringing out his prize he saw a cutter off the north end of Norgen island.
    He made all sail in chase but, in the evening when the wind dropped, the cutter killed one of SALSETTE's marines in an exchange of fire then used her sweeps to pull away.
    A sudden squall brought the ship up with her and she surrendered when exposed to the full fire of the frigate's guns.
    The cutter was the Russian APITH commanded by Lieut. Novelski. She mounted fourteen 12-pounders and was manned by 61 men, four of whom were killed.
    Vice Ad. SAUMAREZ ordered the cutter to be purchased for his majesty's service and manned her with men lately exchanged from Copenhagen
  • On 29 July 1809 SALSETTE escorted the division of Lieut. Gen. Sir John Hope across the Channel to take part in the expedition against Walcheren.
    In the Stone Deeps Rear Ad. Sir Richard KEATS shifted his flag to SALSETTE and the division proceeded to the Roompot, being led through the narrow channel by Sir Home POPHAM in SABRINA, and anchored, first between the islands of Schowen and North Bevelan and then in the Veere Gat.
  • 1810 Capt. Henry HOPE, Malta.
    On 3 May 1810, while SALSETTE was at anchor in the Dardanelles, Lieutenant EKENHEAD accompanied Lord Byron in his swim across the Hellespont from Abydos to Sestos.
    Although the distance between the two points is barely one mile the strong current forced them to swim about four miles, the crossing taking over an hour.
  • Capt. HOPE captured and later destroyed the French privateer COMETE of two 18-pounders and 45 men on 21 April 1812 in the Mediterranean and captured another off the west end of the Isle of Wight on 13 October.
    This was the lugger MERCURE of 16 guns and 70 men.
    (Capt. HOPE took command of ENDYMION on 13 May 1813)
  • 1812 Capt. John BOWEN, 12/1812.
    In 1813 SALSETTE escorted a large fleet of Indiamen as far as Madras.
    Since there were no warlike operations in the area SALSETTE had an uneventful commission before returning to Portsmouth in the summer of 1816 to pay off.
  • Receiving ship at Woolwich until 1851.

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