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SALLY (6) Hired armed ship No details.
  • 1806 E. CHETHAM.
    From a report in June 1807: The captain, perceiving that the French had got possession of a fort behind a narrow neck of land at the mouth of the Vistula, where they appeared in considerable numbers, disguised the SALLY as a merchant ship, and stood into the river, but unfortunately got aground; she, however, was soon got off again, but not before the Frenchmen discovered her to be a ship of force, and had time to prepare for her reception. She sailed boldly up to the fort and opened such a volley of grape from her carronades, assisted by musketry, that she soon swept the fort, and killed from three to four hundred Frenchmen.
    0ur loss in this daring enterprise did not exceed fourteen or fifteen men.

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