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SAINT GEORGE (98) Built in 1785, Portsmouth.
Wrecked in 1811.

  • 1799 Capt. EDWARDS, Torbay.
    ST GEORGE sailed from Plymouth on 15 April 1800 to join Lord BRIDPORT's fleet at Torbay.
    On 6 December 1800 two seamen from ST. GEORGE, John HUBBARD and George HYNES, were sentenced by a court martial to death by hanging for homosexual offences.
  • At the end of December 1801 ST. GEORGE, Capt. THOMPSON (act.), being victualled and stored for five months, sailed with VANGUARD, POWERFUL and SPENCER, for the West Indies.
    On 16 July, under Capt. LOBB, she entered Plymouth Sound and went up the harbour to be stripped and paid off on the 20th.
  • 1803 Plymouth.
  • 1805 Capt. Hon. M. DE COURCY, Halifax.
  • 1807 Capt. Thomas BERTIE, Channel fleet.
  • 1808 Capt. HILLYAR flying the flag of Rear Ad. HARVEY, off Ushant.
  • 1809 Capt. Joseph JAMES, 08/1809, Following his gallant defence of the sloop KITE Capt. JAMES was promoted into the ST. GEORGE in the Gulf of Finland where she received the flag of Rear Ad. PICKMORE.
  • ST GEORGE re-fitted at Plymouth in January 1810 and received the flag of Rear Ad. R. C. REYNOLDS before returning to the Baltic.
    Capt. JAMES was superseded by Capt. Daniel Oliver GUION in May 1810.
  • She was part of the escort for a large convoy which left Hano on 9 November.
    During the night of 15/1816 November 1811, when the convoy was anchored off Laaland, ST. GEORGE dragged her anchors and ran ashore and a number of the merchantmen were lost.
    ST. GEORGE was re-floated the next morning, minus masts and rudder, and reached Wingo (Vinga) near Gottenburg under a jury rig on 2 December.
  • On 16 December eight ships of the line: VICTORY, ST. GEORGE, DREADNOUGHT, VIGO, CRESSY, ORION, HERO and DEFENCE, sailed from Wigo with about 150 merchant ships and some smaller men of war.
    As it was blowing a gale Ad. SAUMAREZ ordered DEFENCE and CRESSY to keep close to the ST. GEORGE and HERO to return to Wingo with part of the merchant ships.
    ST GEORGE lost her rudder and although CRESSY supplied her with a temporary one made of cable, she could not easily be brought into stays as she came out into the North Sea.
    On the morning of the 24th. ST. GEORGE and DEFENCE were stranded on the coast of Ringkoobing in Jutland.
    During the following afternoon part of ST. GEORGE's cabin and stern frame was seen from the shore.
    A number of people standing on it attempted to come ashore on a piece of mast but were washed off by the high waves driven by the N. N.W.
    Others perished when they tried to save themselves on a raft.
    Only 12 men were saved out of the crew of 850.
    The officers lost were: Ad. REYNOLDS, Capt. GUION, Lieuts. NAPIER, PLACE, THOMPSON, BRANNEL, DANCE, TRISTRAM, RICHES and ROGERS; Mr TIPPET, flag lieut.; J. BELT, master; Mr HEYNES, surgeon; William LAKE, chaplain; Mr SAUNDERS, purser.
  • The first division, with VICTORY, DREADNOUGHT, VIGO and ORION reached England in safety.

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