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RUBY (64) 3rd rate Built in 1776, Woolwich DY.
Broken up in 1821.

  • 1799 Out of commission at Chatham.
  • 1800 Capt. FERRIS, Plymouth.
    On 17 February orders came down from the Admiralty for RUBY, already victualled for six months, to sail for the Cape of Good Hope. She left on the 19th. with sealed orders.
    At about 130 leagues west of Scilly RUBY recaptured the brig BELLE ANNE of Jersey which had been taken on the 14th. by the French privateer GENERAL MASSENA.
    The brig, which had been bound from Virginia to London with tobacco and staves, arrived safely in Plymouth on 6 March.
    At the end of March 1800 RUBY was watering at Port Praya when Capt. Sir Charles HAMILTON in MELPOMENE took her under his command to search for three French frigates reported to be anchored under the forts on the Isle of Goree (to the south of Cape Verde).
    They reconnoitred the roadstead off Goree on 4 April but found no frigates so, after summoning the island to surrender, the marines of the squadron were landed and took possession of the garrison.
  • On Sunday 13 July, while RUBY was on passage from St. Helena to England with a convoy, a strange sail was sighted about 1,000 miles west of Finisterre.
    Before he could determine what she was the approach of night forced Capt. FERRIS to return to the convoy but early next morning the same ship was sighted about three miles ahead.
    He gave chase and when he fired several shots at her she hoisted French national colours.
    The light winds meant that, using her sweeps, she was able to keep just out of range; but towards evening a light breeze favoured RUBY and Capt. FERRIS was able capture her on the morning of the 15th. She was the privateer FORTUNE of Bordeaux armed with sixteen 8-pounders, four long 12's and two 36-pounder carronades.
    Fourteen of her crew of 202 had been sent on board the FAME brig bound for London from Sierra Leone, her only prize in a month long cruise.
    The privateer was well built and coppered.
  • 1801 Capt. BERRY, 04/1801, Sheerness.
    In 1803 RUBY was in ordinary at Chatham and at the beginning of 1804 she was Rear Ad. THORNBOROUGH's flagship off the Texel.
  • 1805 Capt. Charles ROWLEY, off the Texel.
  • 1807 Capt. John DRAPER, North Sea.
  • Receiving ship from 1813.

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