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RUBY Built in 1854, Deptford.
Broken up in 1868.

  • Mate Henry HALE, 03/1855, tender to MAJESTIC.
    On 30 June RUBY and the boats of MAGICIENNE burnt or scuttled 29 vessels in the Gulf of Finland.
    On 5 July 1855 Capt. YELVETON of ARROGANT in RUBY reconnoitred the Gulf of Lovisa some miles east of the fortress of Sweaborg.
    After using rockets and musket fire to disperse some Cossacks near the town of Lovisa he landed and burnt military stores.
    Still in RUBY, assisted by the boats of MAGICIENNE and ARROGANT, YELVETON went inshore to attack some Russian vessels off Viborg on 13 July.
    He was fired on by a masked battery at a range of only 350 yards and ARROGANT's cutter was hit killing the midshipman in charge.
    The rest of the crew would have been lost if marine Lieut. DOWELL had not gone to the rescue in RUBY's gig.

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