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ROYALIST (6) Purchased in China in 1841, ex MARY GORDON.
Hulk in 1856.

  • 1843 Lieut. Edward HILL, 09/1843, East Indies.
  • 1844 Lieut. Philip CHETWODE.
  • 1846 Lieut. Graham OGLE, 04/1844, East Indies.
    Although Lieut. OGLE was appointed in April he had no idea where the ship was and waited in Hong Kong until she turned up in Singapore at the end of the year under the command of 2nd Master Charles PARKINSON, having lost three commanding officers in succession and having received no official communications for over eighteen months.
  • On 7 July 1846 ROYALIST and HAZARD were towed up the Cherimon river in Brunei by Rear-Ad. Sir Thomas COCHRANE in the steamer SPITEFUL.
    They were preceded by the H. E. I. Co. PHLEGATHON and accompanied by a number of armed ship's boats.
    The object was to destroy the stronghold of the Borneo pirates led by the Sultan of Brunei who earlier in the year had caused the murder of the chiefs, including his own brothers, who were opposed to piracy.
  • The SPITEFUL forced her way through mud in water two feet less than her draught and HAZARD stuck fast so the 300 marines and 400 small-arm men were put on SPITEFUL and ROYALIST. They included 30 seamen from ROYALIST.
  • Below Brune they found the river staked and, as they were making their way through, they came under fire from four enemy batteries.
    PHLEGATHON replied with rockets and pivot guns and after a quarter of an hour the boats went in with a landing party and the enemy driven back into the jungle.
    Three beautiful brass guns were taken.
    A number of other forts were bombarded and silenced then captured by landing parties and the Sultan and his army were driven out of Brune leaving 39 guns.
  • On 3 August 1846 Mate Francis QUIN and Midshipman Edward RAY in ROYALIST's gigs chased and captured two of three native proas carrying fugitive pirates.
  • 1846 Lieut. David M'Dowall GORDON, 08/1846, East Indies.
    A treaty by which the Sultan ceded the island of Labuan was ratified in Brunei on 28 May 1846.
    Lieut. GORDON and Capt. GREY of COLUMBINE accompanied James BROOKE, later Rajah of Sarawak, there in the steamer NEMESIS.
  • 1850 William BATE, 07/1849, East Indies.

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