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ROYAL OAK (74) Built by Dudman, launched on 4 March 1809 Deptford.
Hospital ship in 1825.

  • 1811 Capt. Pulteney MALCOLM, Basque Roads off Cherbourg until March 1 1812 when he removed to SAN JOSEF.
  • 1812 Capt. T. G. SHORTLAND (Capt. Edward DIX in 1813) Flagship of Rear Ad. Lord Amelius BEAUCLERK, off the Texel.
    In April 1814 Rear Ad. BEAUCLERK received a letter from the commander in chief at La Rochelle stating that he acknowledged his Majesty, Louis the eighteenth, he had ordered white flags to be hoisted and proposed the suspension of hostilities.
    The Rear Admiral agreed to suspend hostilities against La Rochelle, the coast of France and its commerce, where the authority of the King might be acknowledged.
  • 1814 Pulteney MALCOLM hoisted his flag as a Rear Admiral in ROYAL OAK on 1 June 1814 and proceeded with troops under Brig. Gen. Ross to North America.
    Rear Ad. MALCOLM accompanied Sir Alex.
    COCHRANE on the expedition up the Chesapeake and regulated the debarkation and embarkation of the troops employed against Washington and Baltimore.
    A Naval brigade from all the ships of the squadron under Capt. Edward CROFTON, acting captain of ROYAL OAK, served on shore with the army under General Ross.
    During the attack on Baltimore between 12th. and 14th. September able seaman James Bishop From ROYAL OAK was killed while serving on shore and a marine was wounded.
    The forces landed near North Point, at the entrance to the Patapsco while the frigates, sloops and bomb-ships bombarded the fort and threatened the water approaches to Baltimore.
    Capt. CROFTON arrived at the Admiralty in London on 17 October with Vice Ad. COCHRANE's despatches which were dated the Chesapeake, Sept.17th.
  • During Dec.
  • 1814 and Jan.
  • 1815 ROYAL OAK was involved in the attempt on New Orleans and the siege of Fort Boyer on Mobile Point which capitulated on 14 February 1815.
    He struck his flag on 26 September 1815.
  • Harbour service from December 1825.
    Broken up 1850 in Bermuda.

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