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ROSE Hired cutter No details.
  • 1800 Lieut. Henry RICHARDSON (1), Channel.
    On 30 May 1800 ROSE and the DOLPHIN hired cutter were examining the creeks and inlets between Cape Barfleur and Cape La Hogue.
    At half past four on the morning of the 31st. ROSE saw a small cutter to windward and, when DOLPHIN made the signal for the enemy, she immediately went in chase.
    After an hour ROSE came up with the enemy and captured her about 10 miles N. W. of Cape Barfleur. She was the privateer RISQUE a TOUT of Cherbourg, armed with two 4-pounders, Captain Jaques NEEL and a crew of 16.
    ROSE took the prisoners to BADGER and her commander, Capt. PRICE sent them into Portsmouth on board the CHAMPION cutter.
  • On 21 November 1800, while returning from a cruise off Marcou, ROSE fell in with a French privateer of 10 guns off Dungerness After an engagement of two hours the privateer made off and ROSE, in a shattered condition was unable to pursue her. She arrived in Portsmouth the following day for repairs.
  • 1803 Tender to SAN JOSEF (112).
    On 16 June 1803 ROSE and DOLPHIN brought into Plymouth the Dutch East Indiaman CORNELIUS MARIA bound for Amsterdam from Batavia with a valuable cargo of coffee, sugar and spices. She had been detained by the CATHERINE and MARY privateer schooner of London and was said to be worth 90,000.
    On 25 June, 12 miles off Cape Barfleur, HYDRA and ROSE captured a French privateer cutter PHOEBE, armed with four guns and two swivels. She was a new vessel only three days out of Cherbourg.
    On 7 October she sailed as escort to a convoy for the Downs.
  • 1804 Lieut. MASON, 01/1804.
    Channel cruiser and convoy escort.
  • 1805 Lieut. SIMPSON, Plymouth.

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