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ROSARIO Built in 1808, Ipswich (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1832.

  • 1810 Booty HARVEY, North Sea.
    During the evening of 10 December 1810 HARVEY ran ROSARIO between two French privateer luggers off Dungeness in heavy weather.
    While Lieut. Thomas DAWS boarded and carried the one on the port side, the other was engaged with a broadside.
    The prize was the MAMELOUCK (16), commanded by Nobez Lawrence, of 16 guns and 45 men, nine hours from Boulogne.
    The other escaped when ROSARIO lost her jib boom in boarding the captured lugger.
    ROSARIO had five wounded, the enemy seven.
  • On 27 March 1812 ROSARIO chased a division of the Boulogne flotilla, consisting of twelve brigs and a lugger, off the French coast near Dieppe.
    HARVEY attempted to cut off the leeward brig but the rest of the flotilla formed line to counter him so he sailed towards GRIFFON (16), which he had observed in the offing, and flew the signal for the enemy.
    When she replied he turned once more to the flotilla and caused two brigs to fall foul of each other.
    He then dismasted a third, drove the next ashore, and carried the fifth.
    GRIFFON now arrived and took another brig and ROSARIO, thus supported, returned to capture the brig she had dismasted earlier.
    In ROSARIO midshipman Jonathan DYER and four seamen were wounded.
    HARVEY and DYER were promoted and the naval medal was awarded to both ships.
  • The flotilla was the 14th. division commanded by Capt. Sarue and had sailed from Boulogne on the evening of the 26th. bound for Cherbourg.
    Each brig was armed with three long brass 24 pounders and an 8" brass howitzer.
    They carried a crew of 50 men.
  • 1812 William HENDERSON, 04/1812 to 07/6/1813, Downs.
  • 1814 Thomas L. PEAKE, 09/1814, Downs.
  • 1816 Ditto, Spithead.
    In the spring of 1816 Lieut. Thomas PICKERNEL was drowned when one of ROSARIO's boats upset at sea.
  • 1830 Wm.
    HENDRY, 01/1819, St. Helena.
  • 1822 30 Portsmouth.

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