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ROSARIO The French privateer LE HARDI which was purchased in 1800.
Sold in 1809.

  • 1802 Richard BRYON, Jamaica.
    On 23 May 1802 he landed 30,000 in dollars at Plymouth which he had brought from Jamaica for London merchants.
    Capt. BRYON was promoted to post captain May.
    He was succeeded by M. MOUNSEY and ROSARIO sailed on the 8 June to join the flying squadron under Capt. KING in SIRIUS and consisting of CARYSFORT, PETERELL, IMOGENE and ROSARIO, which had been formed to hunt smugglers off the south-west coast.
    (The limits within which smugglers could be detained had been doubled to 24 miles from the nearest headland at the end of July)
  • ROSARIO and CHILDERS saluted Earl ST. VINCENT and the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty in the Commissioner's yacht as it crossed Plymouth Sound during an official visit on 27 August.
    The two sloops then moved into Cawsand Bay for the duration of the Commissioner's stay
  • On the evening of 25 October dispatches from Rear-Ad. DACRES arrived by express from the Admiralty together with sealed orders and were taken on board ROSARIO. She immediately completed taking on provisions and water for four months and moved into the Sound from the Hamoaze. She sailed from Cawsand Bay with the flood tide in the morning for the Mediterranean.
  • She returned to Plymouth from Malta on 26 March 1803 having left Gibraltar on the first of the month, and reported that the garrison at Valetta were all well.
    ROSARIO was put into quarantine and her dispatches sent off by express to London.
  • On 27 July ROSARIO gave chase to a French ship privateer, ATALANTE, east of the Lizard.
    By 4 o'clock ROSARIO was within gun-shot when, due to the great press of sail she was carrying, her fore top-mast was carried away.
    Fortunately Capt. HAMOND in PLANTAGENET had joined ROSARIO at noon and by 8 o'clock he came alongside the enemy and she struck her colours.
    The privateer, six days out of Bordeaux, was commanded by Arnaud Martin with a crew of 130 men. She was pierced for 22 guns but only had fourteen 6 pounders mounted the remainder having been thrown overboard during the chase.
    The chase had covered 90 miles in the 8 hours from noon.
  • At the beginning of September 1804 ROSARIO sent into Plymouth the BORDEAUX PACKET, Capt. Hedelius, from Philadelphia to Bordeaux. She was released and continued her voyage on 6 September.
  • 1805 Plymouth Irish station.
    To the West Indies on 10 January 1807.
  • 1808 Sheerness.

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