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ROMULUS (44) 5th rate Built in 1777, Buckler's Hard.
Captured in 1781.

  • Launched on 17 December 1777.
  • 1779 Capt. George GAYTON, with Vice Ad. ARBUTHNOT's squadron of fourteen warships, plus two armed ships, and transports with 7550 troops, which sailed from New York for Charleston on 26 December 1799 to co-operate with General Sir Henry Clinton in the reduction of that town. After entering the Savannah and capturing Port Royal, Charleston was reached on 10 Feb. Guns from the ships and 450 seamen and marines were landed and joined the troops which had set up batteries on James Is. Due to the bad weather and operations by American galleys, it was the 20 March before the ships were able to pass the bar, then the two 44s, ROEBUCK (flag), and ROMULUS, with BLONDE, RALEIGH, VIRGINIA, SANDWICH and RENOWN, passed Sullivan's Is. under heavy fire, losing 27 killed and wounded. There was a considerable American and French force drawn up to dispute the passage but they retired to Charlerston on the approach of the British squadron where they were either sunk to obstruct the passage, or captured.
  • On the night of 4 May a detachment of seamen and marines landed on Sullivan's Is., passed Fort Moultrie before daylight and took possession of a redoubt on the east end of the island. The ships were drawn up to support an attack by storm and when Capt. HUDSON of RICHMOND summoned the fort the Americans surrendered as prisoners of war.
  • On the 11th. Charleston capitulated and Major General Leslie took possession the following day. The total loss to the British squadron was 23 killed and 28 wounded.
  • On 19 February 1781 ROMULUS was proceeding to the Chesapeake when she encountered a French squadron under Capt. Le Gardeur du Tilly, consisting of Eveille (64) Gentille (32) Surveillante (32) and the Gulpe, cutter. ROMULUS stood little chance and was eventually forced to strike. Capt. GAYTON was honourably acquitted by a court martial on 26 September.

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