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RODNEY (74) Built in 1809, Deptford.
GREENWICH (50) in 1827.
Sold in 1836.

  • 1811 Capt. John Carter ALLEN.
    Capt. George BURLTON, Mediterranean Capt. J. D. MARKLAND, flagship of Rear Ad.T. FREEMANTLE, Mediterranean.
  • 1812 Capt. Edward Durnford KING, Mediterranean.
  • During a strong gale on 15 January 1812 a strange ship was seen standing in towards Cape Sicie and RODNEY made all sail in chase.
    APOLLO and ALCMENE were close in shore under French colours and the stranger made for them for protection, only to be boarded.
    The telegraphs had raised the alarm along the shore and twelve line-of-battle ships came out of the outer roads to rescue their vessel.
    The two frigates secured their prize and RODNEY hove to wait for the enemy but, after a close approach, they wore and stood in to return to Toulon.
    RODNEY joined the frigates and sent a party on board the prize to carry it to Minorca.
  • RODNEY was paid off at the close of 1812 due to the damage she received in a violent gale in the Gulf of Lyons.

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