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RINALDO Built in 1808, Deptford (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1835.

  • She mounted eight 18-pounder carronades and two long sixes, with a complement of 65 officers, men and boys.
  • 1808 J. IRWIN, Deptford.
  • 1809-11 James ANDERSON.
    (He had been serving as agent for transports at Corunna and Copenhagen) During the evening of 7 December 1810 RINALDO engaged the MARAUDEUR (14) one of a pair of French luggers cruising off Dover.
    The Frenchmen, outnumbering by 30 the crew of the brig, tried to board but were driven back by a party under Lieut. Edward Gascoigne PALMER which captured the lugger.
  • of the enemy were wounded.
    On the night of 17 December 1810 RINALDO was in action with four French privateers near the Owers.
    One, the VIEUX JOSEPHINE, armed with 16 guns and carrying 80 men was sunk with the loss of all her crew save her captain and two men.
    The tide caused RINALDO to foul the Owers light vessel giving a second privateer, which had already struck, the opportunity to rescue the three men mentioned above and make her escape.
    Although numerous musket-balls were found among the hammocks in the waist no one on RINALDO was hurt.
    Her topsails and boom main-sail were riddled with holes.
  • From the spring of 1811 Capt. ANDERSON was senior officer of the inshore squadron between Calais and Boulogne.
    A grand fete took place in Boulogne on 30 and 21 September 1811 to honour Napoleon.
    On the first day the Emperor, in his barge, visited several vessels of his flotilla, then seven praams stood out to attack the frigate NAIAD.
    The praams were later joined ten brigs and a sloop.
    After a couple of hours NAIAD tried to get inshore of the French but they retired under the batteries.
    When the French renewed the attack the following day, NAIAD had been joined by RINALDO, REDPOLE, CASTILIAN and VIPER.
    The French were drawn up within a pistol shot but the fire of the British vessels threw them into confusion.
    NAIAD captured one praam and the three brigs drove the rest back to the protection of the shore batteries.
    Mr John SWINARD, the pilot of RINALDO was wounded.
  • On 1 February 1812, the day Capt. ANDERSON was promoted to post rank, RINALDO's boats under Lieut. MILLER destroyed a French gun-brig aground near Calais.
  • 1812 Sir W. G. PARKER, Downs.
  • 1813 Edmund LYONS, 04/1813, Downs.
    RINALDO formed part of the squadron which escorted Louis XVIII to France and the sovereigns of Russia and Prussia to England.
  • 1815 Archibald TISDALL, West Indies.
  • 1816 Sheerness.
  • 1824 Lieut. John MOORE, 11/1823, Falmouth.
  • 1830 Lieut. John HILL, 03/1829, Falmouth.

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