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RICHMOND (14) Gun-brig Built in 1806, Itchenor.
Sold in 1814.

  • She was armed with twelve 18-pounder carronades and two long sixes, and had a complement of 64 men and boys.
  • 1807 Lieut. S. S. HEMING, convoy to Oporto.
  • 1808 Lieut. WALKER, North Sea.
  • 1811 Ditto, Cadiz.
  • 1811 Lieut. David Ewen BARTHOLOMEW, 05/1811, coast of Spain.
    On 14 June he captured a French privateer pierced for 10 guns, with a crew of 50 men, near Malaga.
    Subsequently RICHMOND's fire silenced the castle at Frangerola while her boats brought out a vessel from under the walls.
  • On 5 February 1812 he gave chase to a French privateer named INTREPIDE to the eastward the Cap du Gatt on the coast of Grenada.
    Five hours later she was seen at anchor in a bay under Cape Cope and RICHMOND received several broadsides as she stood in towards her.
    As soon as the gunbrig opened fire within half a cable distance, the privateer's crew set fire to her and took to their boats, so RICHMOND's people boarded, cut her cables and towed her out.
    They had taken her about a mile when she blew up, fortunately with no casualties.
    The privateer was a polacre ship, fitted out at Malaga and commanded by one Barbastro. She had been armed with eighteen long 12-pounders and carried a crew of 180 men.
    RICHMOND had no casualties.
  • On 1 March 1812 Lieut. BARTHOLOMEW drove ashore and destroyed an eight-gun privateer bound from Algiers to Malaga with a cargo of flour for the garrison.
  • He was promoted to commander on 21 March 1812 to be succeeded by Lieut. O'SHAUGNESSY on the coast of Spain.
    (Cdr. BARTHOLOMEW was appointed to EREBUS in 1814)

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