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REYNARD (10) Brig Built in 1808, Upnor (Cherokee class).
Broken up in 1818.

  • 1809 Hew STEUART of MUTINE was appointed to her in March 1809.
    At the end of July REYNARD sailed with the fleet under Rear-Ad. Sir Richard STRACHAN which escorted the ill-fated British expeditionary force to Walcheren.
    While following the bombs and gunboats up the Veere Gat to attack Campvere REYNARD stuck fast aground near the enemy batteries and Capt. STEUART forced to cut away the masts in order to get her afloat again.
    After the evacuation of British troops REYNARD was sent to the Baltic and in June 1812 Capt. STEUART assumed command of a flotilla of Russian and British gunboats operating around Riga against the French and Prussian armies.
    He was assisted by Capt. ACKLON in the sloop RANGER and men from ABOUKIR.
  • On 26 September troops under Count Steinheil left Riga to attack the Prussians and they were accompanied by gunboats and a division of Russian boats up the river Aa.
    The enemy fell back before them and it was not until three days later that the flotilla reached the booms that had been placed across the river five miles below Mittau.
    The booms were soon destroyed although they were covered by three batteries of four guns each, the enemy abandoning four 24 pounders as they retreated, and Mittau was occupied by the flotilla at noon on the 29th.
    They found 400 sick and wounded left behind in the town plus stores of clothing, arms and ammunition.
    The army arrived in the evening.
    When the Prussians were reinforced to form a force of 25,000 men with 80 guns, the small Russian force was forced to retire back to Riga.
    The flotilla followed them on the evening of the 30th. after destroying a bridge and arrived at Danamunde on 2 October.
  • REYNARD returned to England were Capt. STEUART was promoted to post rank 30 November 1812.
  • 1814 David ST. CLAIR, off coast of Spain.
    Convoy to Mediterranean in 1815 where she remained during 1816.
  • 1817 Out of commission at Portsmouth.

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