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REVENGE Schooner Privateer schooner of 10 guns and 40 men.
  • 1799 Mr Robert HOSIER, commander.
    Early on the morning of 4 December 1799 REVENGE, in Vigo Bay, was attacked by four Spanish privateers, two schooners, a brig and a lugger.
    Mr HOSIER ran northwards before the wind for 15 minutes keeping up a running fight until he was clear of the islands.
    One of the schooners, having lost her mizzen mast, then gave up the fight and the other three hauled off.
    The damage to her sails and rigging prevented REVENGE from going after them to windward so he made sail to the N. W. and, in the afternoon, gave chase to a Spanish schooner.
    They exchanged fire for about an hour until the Spaniard suddenly blew up when close alongside.
    Since REVENGE's boat was damaged it was some time before he could hoist it out and he was only able to save eight of the crew.
    The schooner had been a new privateer, the BRILLIANT of eight 6 and 12 pounders, Ramo de Castillo, master and a crew of 63 men. She had sailed from Pontevedra the same morning to cruise of Oporto where there were 50 vessels outside the bar unable to enter because of the weather.

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