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RENOWN (74) Built in 1798, Deptford.
Hospital ship in 1814.

  • Capt. BERTIE, 04/1798.
    Capt. EYLES, 11/1799.
    (Rear Ad. Sir John B. WARREN's flag) Channel.
    On 12 June 1800 a convoy of brigs and chasse-maree destined for the fleet at Brest was seen at anchor near a fort, St. Croix, within the Penmarks.
    Sir John ordered two boats from RENOWN commanded by Lieuts. BURKE and JANE, with Lieut. Killogrivoff of the Russian navy, together with two boats each from FISGARD, DEFENCE and UNICORN, to rendezvous on board FISGARD.
    Because of a fresh wind from the south east they were unable to reach the convoy before daylight but in spite of fire from a battery, three armed vessels and musketeers ashore they succeeded in capturing the three armed vessels and eight others.
    The rest, some 20 sail, ran themselves ashore.
    RENOWN had one casualty, Robert BULGER, Admiral's Boatswain, who was wounded.
  • 1801 (armed en flute) Capt. J. C. WHITE with Rear Ad. WARREN's flag, Mediterranean.
  • 1803 Capt. WHITE, Malta.
  • 1805 under repair at Plymouth.
  • 1807 Capt. Phillip DURHAM, off L'Orient.
    Capt. ALEXANDER (pro tem) Channel fleet.
  • 1808 Capt. Pillip DURHAM, Mediterranean.
  • 1811 Out of commission at Plymouth.

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