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REINDEER (18) Built in 1804, Rotherhithe (Cruizer class).
Taken in 1814.

    "The Pride of Plymouth".
  • 1805 John FYFFE, Jamaica. Under the orders of Rear-Admiral DACRES, C-in-C Jamaica.
    On 7 March 1805 REINDEER and HUNTER captured the Spanish privateer schooner SANTA ROSALIA GALUNDRINA after a chase of over five hours during which she threw her three guns overboard. (One 8-pounder and two 4-pounders) She was commanded by Francisco de Naras with a crew of 57 men. The privateer had left Caliodam in Cuba the previous day for a fourteen day cruise but had taken no prizes. Capt. FYFFE sent her in to Port Royal with HUNTER.
  • During a chase on 15 September REINDEER's crew were at the sweeps under a hot sun for over six hours before they captured the French privateer RENOMMEE, 2 x 6 pounders, belonging to San Domingo.
  • On the 26 March 1806 PIQUE captured two French brigs of war that had been roughly handled by REINDEER before escaping from her. The following month, off Cape St. Nicholas in San Domingo on 21 April, Capt. FYFFE captured the French privateer schooner CREOLE with six guns mounted although pierced for fourteen. Fifty-nine men were on board, with sixteen absent in prizes. CREOLE had a reputation of being the fastest sailor seen in those waters and Capt. FYFFE believed that he would not have caught her if the Frenchman had not not been so confident of her speed as to try and pass under REINDEER's bow to gain the wind.
  • 1807 P. John DOUGLAS, Jamaica.
    On 21 December 1807, after a chase of 10 hours, Capt. DOUGLAS came up with and captured the French schooner privateer EXPERIMENT, Antoine Corocco, off Tiberon in the extreme south-west of Haiti. She was armed with two guns and carrying 40 men and had made no captures in the 21 days since she had left Baracoa in Cuba. Off Point Picolet in San Domingo he chased and finally captured a French schooner privateer LYONNAISE, Jean Tessier, on 25 January 1808. She had five guns on board and 85 men and was eight days out of Baracoa.
  • Two days later, learning of a privateer rendezvous, he managed to run one of them ashore where she was deserted by her people. She came off without much trouble and he brought her into Port Royal.
    REINDEER had 90 prisoners on board and had 30 men away in prizes.
  • On 10 November 1808, FRANCHISE, AURORA, DAEDALUS, REINDEER and PERT met accidentally and together their captains conceived the idea of taking the town and port of Samana to help the Spanish patriots blockading the city of San Domingo. During the following week they captured two French privateer schooners, L'ECHANGE (5), Louis Telin, master, with a crew of 110 men, and LE GUERRIER (5), with 104 men. Three merchant vessels, the schooner DIANE and a brig, both laden with fish and a sloop, BRUTUS, laden with coffee, were also taken. Capt. DASHWOOD of FRANCHISE handed Samana over to a Spanish officer Don Diego de Lira, who guaranteed the safety of the French inhabitants on their plantations.
    On the morning of the 16th. REINDEER and PERT re captured the English ship JEANNET (10)R. Bradshaw, master, which had been bound from London to Havana with bale goods and was running for Samana harbour with a prize crew after being taken by a privateer.
    Another prize, the Spanish ST. ERASMO, from Malaga to Havana with wine, was also recaptured by the two sloops.
  • 1812 D. ROSS, Plymouth.
  • 1813 William MANNERS, Plymouth.
    On 2 February 1813 REINDEER and IRIS captured the the American schooner letter of marque CASHIER of 300 tons carrying six 12-pounder guns and and 40 men, one of whom was killed and several wounded, during the chase.
    Capt. MANNERS captured the French privateer lugger LE SPECULATEUR (14) on the 22 November 1813. She was 5 days out of St. Malo.
  • On 28 June 1814 REINDEER fell in with the American sloop WASP, Capt. Johnston BLAKELY, about 500 miles west of Ushant. In the action the REINDEER was turned into a shambles by both cannon and musket fire.
    25 of her crew were killed, including her commander, and 42 wounded out of a total 98 men and 20 boys and she was forced to surrender.
    The following day Capt. BLAKELY decided REINDEER was too badly damaged and burnt her.

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