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REDWING (18) Built in 1806, Brightlingsea (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1827.

  • 1807 Thomas USSHER, 10/1806, fitting out for the Mediterranean.

    REDWING was principally employed in protecting British trade in the vicinity of Gibraltar from Spanish gunboats and privateers.
    In March 1807 USSHER joined COLLINGWOOD off Cadiz and escorted a fleet of merchantmen through the Straits.
    REDWING was disguised as a Portuguese merchant vessel and decoyed the enemy flotilla from Tariffa within range of her carronades.
  • While lying at Gibraltar on 20 April USSHER saw some Spanish gunboats towing a captured American brig around Cabritta Point and set off in pursuit.
    due to light airs he was unable to come up with the Spaniards before they reached the cover of their shore batteries.
    He tried a few shots with his long guns but then had to use his sweeps and towing boats as the batteries opened up on him.
    One red-hot shot blew up a box of powder and sent pieces of burning tarpaulin into the magazine passage way.
    On USSHER's hail the gunner slammed the door closed just in time to save the sloop for destruction.
    REDWING lost 3 killed and 4 wounded.
    In his report USSHER especially mentioned the conduct of his two lieutenants, FERGUSON and WEBSTER, the master, Mr DAVIS and the purser, Mr HORNIMAN, who volunteered his services on the deck.
  • At daylight on 7 May 1808 Capt. USSHER discovered an enemy convoy of 12 merchantmen escorted by 7 armed vessels coming down the shore near Cape Trafalgar.
    When he closed with them, the escorts formed into line and made as if to board, but REDWING opened up with a continuous fire which drove them back into the surf.
    As he went after the merchantmen Capt. USSHER dropped a boat to try and rescue some of the seamen struggling in the water but she was unable to save any of them.
  • In spite of having two 24-pounder shot through the foremast and one through the mainmast he managed to capture seven of the convoy and sank four.
    Only one escaped plus two of the smaller escorts, a felucca and gunboat No.
  • 107.
    One man, seaman Joseph CARTER, was killed in REDWING's boats and two severely wounded, Mr HORNIMAN, the purser and Englebert JACOBSON, a seaman.
    The master, Mr DAVIS was slightly wounded.
    Capt. USSHER returned to Gibraltar to have his masts replaced.
  • The escorts sunk were: The DILIGENT and the BOREAS both with two 24-pounders, two 8-pounders and 60 men.
    Gunboat No.
    3 with two 24-pounders and one 36-pounder with 36 men.
    Gunboat No.
    6 with one 24 pounder and 40 men.
  • She was constantly employed in action with the Spanish flotillas and batteries until 19 August when she was sent with dispatches to the Balearics.
    On 7 September USSHER sent in his boats to destroy several vessels on the beach at Calassel on the Catalan coast.
    They lost one man killed and 9 wounded including master's mate SHARP.
    The following day he boarded a Spanish polacca PRECIOSA at Benidorm and then, in spite of being badly damaged by shore fire, he pursued three privateers to Villajoyosa and ran them ashore.
    At the time he was undermanned with 14 absent in prizes and hospital and with 11 wounded in the current action.
    USSHER then resumed his station off Gibraltar.
  • On 7 May 1808 REDWING met up with a convoy escorted by seven Spanish gunboats off Cape Trafalgar.
    The escort turned in line abreast to attack REDWING and possibly board her.
    USSHER had his guns loaded with one round shot, one grape and one canister topped up with 500 musket balls in a bag.
    REDWING's broadside shattered her attackers.
    Two schooners rolled over and sank with all their crews as did two other vessels.
    The Spanish losses were 240 killed and taken prisoner, only three small vessels escaped.
    REDWING had one man killed and the master, purser and one sailor wounded.
    On 1 June her boats under Lieut. Ferguson destroyed a mistico and brought out two feluccas from Bolonia.
    Master's mate SHARP was killed by musket fire and Lieut. WEBSTER and four others were wounded.
  • 1808 Edward Augustus DOWN, Gibraltar.
    Between October and December 1809 John Toup NICHOLAS was in command of REDWING.
  • 1811 E. A. DOWN, Mediterranean.
    On 16 September 1811 he captured a French privateer, VICTORIEUX (4) off Maritimo. She was three days from Tunis without making any capture.
    A small Neapolitan armed vessel was taken off Cape St. Vieto on 8 May 1812.
  • 1813 Sir John Gordon SINCLAIR, Mediterranean.
    On 30 March 1813 REDWING was with UNDAUNTED and VOLONTAIRE when 14 merchantmen were discovered in Morjean, a small harbour between Marseilles and Toulon.
    Parties of seamen and marines were landed at Sormion and climbed over the hills to attack the two batteries covering the port from the rear.
    Five 36-pounders in one and two 24-pounders in the other were thrown into the sea and all the ammunition destroyed.
    Eleven vessels laden with olive oil were brought out and the others destroyed.
    REDWING covered marines from the same ships when they landed to destroy batteries and bring out six vessels from Morgion on the 3 May.
  • A squadron consisting of CALEDONIA, HIBERNIA, UNDAUNTED, PRINCE OF WALES and REDWING attacked Cassis to the west of Marseilles at the beginning of August.
    Four batteries covered the entrance to the bay and two gunboats were moored across the entrance of the mole.
    Capt. SINCLAIR swept his sloop in under heavy fire to cover the marines who, under Capt. COGHLAN, drove the French from the batteries at the point of the bayonet.
    The boats under the direction of Capt. SINCLAIR then entered the mole and brought out twenty-four settees and tartans and two gun boats.
    One petty officer was wounded in REDWING.
  • 1814 Ditto, Channel.
  • 1815 Thomas YOUNG, to the W. Indies.
  • 1816-18 Deptford.
  • 1820 Frederick HUNN, 08/1818, St. Helena.
  • 1822 Hon. G. R. TREFUSIS, 11/1821, Plymouth.
  • 1824 A. FITZCLARENCE, 02/1824, Sheerness.
  • 1825 D. CLAVERING, 01/1825, Coast of Africa.
    Supposedly foundered during 1827 on 

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