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REDPOLE Built in 1808, Northam (Cherokee class).
Sunk in 1828.

  • 1808 John JOYCE, Spithead.
    At the beginning of April 1809 the two 'Cherokees' REDPOLE and LYRA joined the fleet of frigates, sloops, gunbrigs and bombs assembling to attack French ships in the Basque Roads.
    On the night of the 11th., very dark and with a strong north-west wind, the two brigs were stationed with shielded lights to guide the fireships.
  • 1809 Colin M'DONALD, Downs.
    At daylight on 9 December REDPOLE was nearly 30 miles south of Beachy Head when two luggers were seen on her lee bow.
    After a chase of some hours she managed to get alongside the weather-most one and captured her after an action lasting half an hour.
    PELICAN joined in the latter part of the chase and pursued the other lugger but did not succeed in catching her.
    REDPOLE's prize was the GRAND RODEUR, of 16 guns and 80 men, Capt. J. G. Huret. She was four days out of Dieppe.
  • On 21 September 1811 REDPOLE, together with RINALDO, CASTILLIAN and VIPER, joined the frigate NAIAD when she was attacked by seven praams and fifteen other vessels of the Boulogne flotilla.
    The attack was a demonstration for the Emperor Napoleon who was spending two days in the port.
    The enemy vessels were driven into a state of confusion by the well directed fire of the British squadron and one praam, the VILLE DE LYONS, was captured by NAIAD before the rest fled to the protection of their shore batteries.
    REDPOLE had no casualties during the action.
  • Sept.
  • 1812 fitting out at Sheerness.
  • 1814 Alex FRAZER, Downs.
  • 1815 Edmund DENMAN, 07/6/1814, Deptford.
    REDPOLE was first employed in conveying members of European royal families back to the the continent.
    The Princes Charles and William of Brunswick had a particularly bad crossing during a gale at the end of August.
  • After Napoleon returned from Elba in 1815 and British troops landed at Ost.end DENMAM surveyed the anchorage and reported on the defence of the port.
    He later commanded a light squadron in the Scheldt.
  • REDPOLE formed part of Napoleon's escort to St. Helena and while there DENHAM spent an evening playing whist with him. She returned home with Sir George COCKBURN's dispatches.
  • 1816 Plymouth.
  • 1818 James PASLEY, 09/1817, St. Helena.
  • 1820 W. D. EVANCE, 10/1818, Portsmouth 1822-23 Richard ANDERSON, 12/1821, Mediterranean.
  • 1824 Plymouth.
  • 1825 Mast.
    John BULLOCK, 01/1825, Falmouth. She was sunk in action with a pirate vessel, CONGRESS, off Cape Frio near Rio de Janeiro.

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