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RECRUIT (18) Built in 1806, Sandwich (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1822.

  • 1807 Hon. Warwick LAKE, West Indies.
    During November a seaman named Robert JEFFERY stole a bottle of rum from the gunner's cabin and on the 13 December he broached a barrel of spruce beer which had been brewed for the ship's company.
    That afternoon, when Capt. LAKE heard of this, he said that he would not keep such a man in his ship and ordered Lieut. MOULD to land JEFFERY on the barren island of SOMBRERO, some 30 miles to the north of Antigua.
  • As soon as Admiral COCHRANE learnt of it he ordered Capt. LAKE to go back and recover the man.
    When they returned 9 months later JEFFERY had already been rescued and taken to Massachusetts.
    On the 5 and 6 February 1810 Capt. LAKE, now of ULYSSES, faced a court martial and denied that he ever intended to put the man's life in jeopardy but he was found guilty and sentenced to be dismissed from the Royal Navy.
    JEFFERY came home in THISTLE to be officially discharged with compensation.
  • 1808 Chas.
    NAPIER, Leeward Is.
    On 6 September 1808 RECRUIT chased the French sloop DILIGENTE (18) off Antigua and brought her to action.
    DILIGENTE's second shot broke NAPIER's right thigh and a little later the only lieutenant on board was killed.
    When her mainmast was shot away things looked bad for RECRUIT but a lucky broadside caused an explosion in the French ship and she made off.
    RECRUIT lost at least sixteen killed in the action.
  • During the attack on Martinique by British forces under Lieut. General BECKWITH, RECRUIT and the AEOLUS and CLEOPATRA frigates were sent by Rear-Ad. COCHRANE to the upper part of Fort Royal Bay to cut off the enemy's retreat.
    When they were spotted the French set fire to, and destroyed, the AMPHITRITE frigate and all the other shipping in the harbour.
  • In April 1809 a British squadron including RECRUIT chased three French 74s and two storeships which had been anchored at the Saintes but had escaped during the night of the 13th.
    after a British landing.
    (see HAZARD) They were carrying supplies for Martinique but this had already been captured by the British.
  • RECRUIT spent a day and night on the quarter of D'HAUTPOULT, the French flagship, within the fire of the stern chasers of all three 74s and did her best to cut away the enemy's masts and rigging.
    RECRUIT's only casualty was a sergeant of marines wounded.
    HAULTPOULT finally surrendered to POMPEE, CASTOR and RECRUIT on 17 April after an action off Cuba.
  • 1811 M. F.SENHOUSE, Spithead.
  • 1812 Ditto, Halifax.
    RECRUIT spent the winter frozen up in the ice at Cape Breton island and her crew suffered from the lack of fresh food and warm clothing and during the following summer she was cruising off the coasts of Carolina and Georgia with only half her established complement On 18 August 1813 RECRUIT took and sent in to Halifax the schooner KING GEORGE from Liverpool and, on 2 November, RECRUIT under Lieut. George Richard PECHELL, acting commander, in company with DOTTEREL, drove the INCA schooner ashore on Cape Roman Shoals.
    An American letter of marque she carried 6 guns and 35 men.
    (Lieut. PECHELL was placed in temporary command by his uncle Ad. Sir John WARREN)
  • 1814 Thomas SYKES, with the squadron under Sir John WARREN at Halifax.
  • 1815-18 Plymouth.

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