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RANGER Built in 1807, Fremington.
Broken up in 1814.

  • 1807 fitting out at Plymouth.
  • 1807 George ACKLOM, who was actively employed on the Baltic station for nearly six years.
    0ff Bornholm on 10 November 1810 he fell in with and captured the Danish privateer cutter BORNHOLM of 4 guns and 30 men. She was three weeks out of Copenhagen and had made one capture, a Swedish galliot which Capt. ACKLOM retook the following day.
    During December he captured and afterwards destroyed, the Danish privateer MELAMPE, of 3 guns and 17 men and on 30 May 1811, off Rose Head, he drove a French privateer cutter ashore and burnt her. She was armed with four guns and her crew of 30 men escaped over the beach.
  • Again off Rose Head, on the morning of the 14 October Capt. ACKLOM drove ashore and burnt the French privateer lugger HIRONDELLE. She had 6 guns and 36 men and belonged to Stralsund but had sailed from Dantzick.
    In the afternoon a short chase resulted in the capture of the GRANDE DIABLE, a French privateer schooner of 4 guns and 25 men, also from Dantzick.
    Neither of them had made any captures.
  • On the 14 November he chased the Danish privateer schooner SKANDERBEIK for seven hours before capturing her.
    Armed with 10 guns and with 36 men she was 16 days from Copenhagen without taking any prizes.
    After safely conducting a large convoy of merchantmen through the Malmo Channel Capt. ACKLOM was promoted to post rank on 8 January 1812 but still retained command of RANGER.
    In the summer of 1812 he opened communication with General von ESSEN, the governor of Riga, and assisted in the defence of that place when it was threatened by the French and Prussian armies.
    During the following winter he commanded a small squadron left in the Baltic to co-operate with Russian troops attacking Dantzig.
    He had to give up command of RANGER in December 1813 owing to ill health.

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