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RAILLEUR (20) A French privateer taken by BOADICEA in November 1797.
Foundered in 1800.

  • 1798 J. RAYNOR, 06/1798, Plymouth.
    On 13 January 1800 Captain TURQUAND was appointed to her while Capt. RAYNOR was on leave. She sailed with LOIRE and DANAE from Plymouth on 30 January to search for a convoy from St Marlo to Brest and on 5 February they forced the surrender of the French frigate PALLAS which had been engaged by FAIRY and HARPY off Jersey.
    When a trawler under Master HARPER fell in with LOIRE, DANAE, RAILLEUR and PALLAS six miles S. E. of the Eddystone on the 7th. the prize was seen to be disabled with her main-top mat over the side and all her sails and rigging cut away.
    HARPER put a pilot on board to take PALLAS into Falmouth.
    LOIRE and RAILLEUR were driven by an easterly gale as far as Cork were they took shelter.
    When the gales abated RAILLEUR was pressed into service as a convoy escort from Cork to the Downs. She recaptured the PROVIDENCE sloop, late Master M'Ausland, and sent her into Plymouth on 14 February.
    On 25 March RAILLEUR and SERPENT arrived in Falmouth with coasters from Ireland under their convoy.
  • RAILLEUR arrived in Plymouth in the teeth of a gale on 13 April after a cruise.
    All the ships in the Sound and Cawsand Bay had been ordered to strike yards and top-masts.
  • Under Capt. RAYNOR she sailed again with TROMPEUSE and HAVICK to join the Channel fleet on 14 May.
    Two days later the flotilla off Brest, WARRIOR, ELEPHANT, RAILLEUR, TROMPEUSE and the LADY JANE cutter which was laying-to under storm stay-sails, was hit by a hurricane from the S. W. which threw many of the vessels on their beam ends.
    On the morning of Saturday the 17th. the wind shifted to the N. W. and the mountainous seas began to abate leaving them with top masts carried away and ports stove in.
    When WARRIOR, ELEPHANT and the DOLLY cutter returned to Plymouth on the 23rd., DOLLY reported passing under the stern of RAILLEUR which was riding out the storm under bare poles, apparently without much damage.
  • Neither RAILLEUR and LADY JANE were seen again and it is assumed that they foundered during the 17 May.
    (She was of similar build to BOURDELOIS, long with a narrow beam.
    Viscount EXETER said of the latter "In a gale of wind stanchion up your main deck fore and aft; for, should a heavy sea break on board, she will go down like a stone. as her frame is very weak and she has no beam to support it.")

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