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RAILLEUR (16) Purchased in 1804.
Sold in 1810.

  • 1804 Valentine COLLARD, off Boulogne.
    Towards the end of September 1804 the squadron, riding to the westward of Dungerness, weighed by signal in order to get to the eastward, because the wind had increased.
    While rounding the Ness one of RAILLEUR's quarter gunners, in the act of hauling in the buoy, fell overboard.
    Capt. COLLARD immediately jumped into the sea and got a rope round him.
    His crew called their captain 'the animated lifeboat' because, while in command of VESTAL in 1801, he had saved a soldier from drowning in similar circumstances.
  • On 25 April 1805 RAILLEUR towed into the Downs eight French schuyts, each having on board twenty to twenty-five soldiers as well as seamen and carrying two 18-pounders.
    They had been captured in an action within pistol-shot of the enemy batteries on Cap Gris Nez by STARLING and LOCUST.

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