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RACEHORSE (18) Built in 1806, Hastings (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1822.

  • 1808 William FISHER, to the Cape of Good Hope, 29 September.
  • 1811 Ditto, Cape of Good Hope.
    All the midshipmen who went out to Mauritius were promoted to lieutenant in January 1811.
  • 1811 James DE RIPPE, Cape of Good Hope.
    Three enemy frigates with troops on board appeared off Mauritius on 7 May 1811 and when they were sighted to windward near Foul Point in Madagascar on the 20th., ASTRAEA, Capt. SCHOMBERG, ordered PHOEBE, GALATEA and RACEHORSE to join him in chase of them.
    The winds were light and variable and it was some time before ASTRAEA, in the lead, could come up with the enemy who opened fire, producing a calm to leeward which rendered the British squadron unmanageable for three hours.
    Two of the French frigates were able to round the quarter of PHOEBE and GALATEA raking them for some considerable time.
    When it was nearly dark PHOEBE was able to close the nearest frigate and beat her, but her night signals drew the other French ships to her.
    GALATEA was totally disabled so ASTRAEA wore and led RACEHORSE and PHOEBE towards the enemy and, after 25 minutes, the French Commodore struck.
    A second frigate also struck but, on a signal from her late commodore, made her escape and could not be caught.
  • The captured frigate was the RENOMMEE of 42 guns and 470 men, including 200 troops, and commanded by Capt. Roquebert with commodore's rank.
    He was killed during the action along with 145 killed and wounded.
    The ship that struck and escaped was the CLORINDE and the one disabled by PHOEBE was the NEREIDE.
    The squadron had escaped from Brest on 2 February on a supply run to Mauritius.
  • Capt. SCHOMBERG received information that the enemy had landed at Tamatave in Madagascar where there was British garrison so, since ASTRAEA and PHOEBE could not beat up quickly against the current, he sent RACEHORSE on ahead to demand immediate surrender.
    Capt. DE RIPPE rejoined him on the evening of the 24th. to report a large frigate anchored in the port but a gale prevented the British ships from getting in sight of her until the 28th.
    Capt SCHOMBERG knew that his ships were in no condition to force an entry so he sent in a summons for the garrison and the frigate to surrender and this was agreed to.
    The frigate proved to be the NEREIDE (44) with 470 men, including 200 troops.
    Her Capt. Le Maresquiere, had been killed along with 130 men killed and wounded on the 20th.
    A detachment of the British 22nd regiment were saved from captivity and, since most of them were ill with fever, they were embarked on the NEREIDE and taken to Mauritius.
  • 1814-17 Portsmouth.
  • 1818 Hon G. P.CAMPBELL, 05/1818, Portsmouth.
  • 1820 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • 1822 Wm. SUCKLING, 02/1822, Plymouth.
  • 14 Dec. 1822 RACEHORSE was wrecked on Langness, the S. E. point of the Isle of Man.

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