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QUEEN CHARLOTTE Hired cutter No details.
  • 1810 Joseph THOMAS, master and commander, Guernsey.
    While cruising off the Cherbourg Peninsular on 29 August with Alderney about 12 miles to the N. N.E., Mr THOMAS observed a large cutter, with the white ensign flying, standing towards him. Being suspicious he made preparations which were justified when the stranger hoisted French colours. The QUEEN CHARLOTTE got in the first broadside of round and grape and the ensuing action lasted for an hour and a half until the Frenchman hauled off to the north-east leaving the British cutter unable to pursue him, having the boatswain killed and fourteen wounded out of a crew of twenty-five and her sails and rigging badly damaged.
    John LORIN, the boatswain, was killed. John ADAMS, the mate, was badly wounded.) An hour later two boats came off from Alderney and Mr THOMAS sent the wounded ashore.
    The small QUEEN CHARLOTTE was armed only with eight 4-pounders, whereas the enemy was the former British revenue cutter, SWAN, which had been captured off Portland in 1808. She was armed with sixteen 12-pounders and carried upwards of 80 men.

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