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PROMETHEUS (18) Built in 1807, Thomson's Yard, Southampton.
Lazaretto at Portsmouth in 1820.

  • 1807 Hyde PARKER, Downs.
  • 1809 Thomas FORREST, Baltic.
    Attached to a squadron under the command of Captain Charles PATER in PRINCESS CAROLINA.
    At 6 o'clock in the evening of 25 July 1809, 17 boats from PRINCESS CAROLINA, MINOTAUR, CERBERUS and PROMETHEUS under the command of Capt. FORREST assembled alongside PROMETHEUS which was lying off Fredericsham in the Gulf of Finland and by half past ten they had captured three Russian gun-vessels each mounting 2 long 18-pounders and a brig laden with provisions.
  • The enemy defended their charges so obstinately that the crew of one gun-vessel were all either killed or seriously wounded.
    Their total loss amounted to 87 but no less than 19 of the British were killed and 51 wounded.
  • Four were killed from PROMETHEUS: Thomas HUMBLE, captain's clerk; Joseph CASE, powder room yeoman; ordinary seaman James M'GEE and private John ASHWORTH.
    Fifteen were wounded including Capt. FORREST, Lieut. Gawen FORSTER and Matthew VEZEY, boatswain.
  • 1810 Hercules ROBINSON, 30/08/1809, Baltic.
    Captured two Danish privateers on 24 May and destroyed the French schooner MESSILINA of 6 guns and 38 men on 2 August 1810.
  • 1812 Ditto, Jamaica.
  • At the beginning of 1812, whilst cruising in the Yucatan Channel, ROBINSON received intelligence that an enemy privateer was lying within the reefs off Cabo Catoche (Catouche).
    Since it was impractical to approach sufficiently close in PROMETHEUS he procured a small merchant schooner which he armed with a carronade and manned with 17 men under the command of Lieut. RAMSAY and, on 10 January, sent her in through one passage in the reefs.
    The boats were to join her through the outer passage while the ship remained on the outside.
  • Lieut. RAMSAY reached inside Isla Mujeres (Mohair Kay) at daylight to find a large privateer schooner but unfortunately a sudden gale from the north-west had driven PROMETHEUS off shore so reinforcements were not forthcoming.
    RAMSAY waited until the following day in hopes of the ship returning and then decided to attempt the capture of the privateer unaided.
  • It was a foolhardy attempt.
    The 88 men aboard the enemy, which was armed with 12 guns, had plenty of time to prepare a reception and the small British party consisting of Lieut. RAMSAY, Lieut. Kemp of the 55th. regiment, John WINNARD, clerk, midshipman T. L. ROBERTS and a handful of seamen was cut to pieces.
    RAMSAY and three other were killed, five, including Mr WINNARD, were severely wounded and the rest captured together with their vessel.
  • Their few shots with the carronade had however caused sufficient casualties and damage to masts and sails to force the privateer to return to New Orleans.
  • On 8 May 1814 Capt. ROBINSON captured the American privateer schooner LIZARD of two long guns and 34 men, twelve days out of Salem she had made no captures.
    In October, while PROMETHEUS was making her way to Bristol to pick up seamen, she struck the sands near the Denny in Kingroad and remained on her beam ends for several hours. She was eventually got off after throwing all her guns overboard. She lost three of her boats, two of them, a six-oared cutter and a gig, were found floating up the Severn and towed into Gatcombe.
    Five of her crew were drowned.
  • 1815 William B. DASHWOOD, 15 Nov.
  • 1814, Spithead. She formed part of the squadron sent to cruise in the Bay of Biscay in order to intercept Napoleon Buonaparte in case he attempted to flee from France after Waterloo. She was also attached to the force under Lord Exmouth at the Battle of Algiers, having previously succeeded in bring off the wife and daughter of the British consul disguised as midshipmen.
    He left a boat to bring off their baby but its cries were heard and the surgeon, three young gentlemen and 14 other persons were taken and confined in a dungeon.
    At a Court Martial held on RIVOLI in May 1816, Lieut. James Berkeley GULLIFER was sentenced to be severely reprimanded for oppressive conduct, starting, punishing a boy and stopping grog
  • 1817 C. R. MOORSON, 11/1816 Spithead.
  • 182

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