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PROCRIS (18) Built in 1807, Custance Yard, Yarmouth (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1815.

  • 1808 Jasper GORDON, East Indies.
  • 1809 Robert MAUNSELL, East Indies.
    In July 1809 he destroyed the Dutch Company's WAGSTER mounting eight guns and four swivels off Batavia.
  • On 31 July 1811 Capt. MAUNSELL discovered a convoy of 40 or 50 proas escorted by 6 gunboats in the mouth of the Indromayo river in Java.
    When he closed to within a gunshot in under 3 fathoms he found that the sloop's fire made little impression on the gunboats so he launched his boats and two flatboats.
    The seamen were accompanied by Lieuts. HEYLAND and BRUSH and 40 men of the 14th. and 89th. regiments.
    They boarded and carried five of the gunboats in quick succession (the sixth blew up) under the fire of six 32-pounder carronades, six 18 pounders and musketry.
    Meanwhile the convoy escaped up the shallow muddy river.
  • Capt. MAUNSELL praised the behaviour of his 1st. lieutenant, Mr.
    MARJORIBANKS and Messrs. George CUNNINGHAM, William RANDALL and Charles DAVIES, master's mates who were supernumeraries taking passage on board.
  • PROCRIS had nine wounded: Mr William RANDALL; William JENKINS, quartermaster; James FEVRE, boatswain's mate; William ROBERTS, captain of the after-guard; John KELLY, George BOWLS, Thomas HYNES, William ADNEY, seamen, and Adam Marlton, boy.
    A corporal and a private belonging to the army were wounded.
    Capt. MAUNSELL was rewarded by an appointment to command Commodore BROUGHTON's flag ship, ILLUSTRIOUS (74).
  • In August 1811 the navy co-operated with the army in the attack on the island of Java.
    In order to assault a strongly fortified position known as Muster Cornelius a battery of twenty 18-pounders was erected by 500 seamen under the captains of LEDA, ILLUSTRIOUS, PROCRIS and HESPER.
    The enemy were able to bring up 34 heavy guns to bear on the maintained over three days under tropical sun, completely silenced them on the 25th., the general ordered a successful assault by the army and marines.
    PROCRIS lost one seaman killed and seven wounded.
  • 1812 Thomas EAGLESTONE, East Indies.
  • 1813 Nathaniel NORTON, 06/2/1812 to 12/1813.
    E. Indies.
  • 1815 Portsmouth.

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