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PRIMROSE (18) Built in 1810, Portsmouth (Cruizer class).
Broken up in 1832.

  • 1810 Thomas BURTON, 04/1810.

    He was appointed to commission the new brig PRIMROSE after being cleared of responsibility for the loss of WILDBOAR. She was employed off the coast of Norway and Jutland until Capt. BURTON's promotion to post rank on 21 October 1810.
  • 1810 Charles PHILLOTT, 10/1810, who was promoted to commander for his work in the capture of SURVEILANTE and VEDETTE by the boats of AMPHION.
    PRIMROSE accompanied Sir Joseph YORKE with a large body of troops to Lisbon. She was afterwards employed in the North Sea, on convoy escort to Quebec and Passages and cruising between Passages and Santander under Sir George COLLIER.
  • A court martial was held on 31 August 1811 on Mr Jestus HALL, boatswain.
    He was charged with gaming and drinking with the ship's company, using seditious words and encouraging others to desert, and disobedience of orders.
    He was sentenced to be dismissed from PRIMROSE and to be unable to serve as an officer again.
  • 1812 Ditto, off Flushing.
    On 12 March 1814 off Cape Finisterre she found herself in action with the DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH, packet, commanded by Capt. BULL and carrying mails from Falmouth to Lisbon.
    Capt. PHILLOTT suspected that she was an English vessel in the hands of a prize crew while Capt. BALL was convinced that PRIMROSE was an American cruiser and made a bungled attempt at displaying the private signal then opened fire with his stern chasers and shot away most of PRIMROSE's head gear.
    He continued firing for about 20 minutes and as PRIMROSE's hails were answered with further shots Capt. PHILLOTT returned the fire and the packet was soon silenced and the truth came out.
    The packet was badly damaged and lost two passengers killed and a number of other persons wounded.
    PRIMROSE had one man killed and fourteen wounded including her master, Mr Andrew LEACH.
    PHILLOTT was admonished by a court martial at Plymouth for not using the private night signals.
  • PRIMROSE joined Rear Ad MALCOLM's squadron convoying troops from the Garonne to Bermuda then, on 25 August 1814 while watching the EPERVIER which had been captured and re-fitted by the Americans, Capt. PHILLOTT ran the American privateer schooner PIKE of Baltimore ashore near Savannah, Georgia.
    His boats destroyed the schooner which mounted twelve 12-pounder carronades and one long 9-pounder.
    38 of her 85 men escaped ashore.
  • In February 1815 Capt. PHILLOT led a division of armed boats up the St. Mary's River which forms the border between Florida and Georgia.
    When they were a considerable distance up the river they were unexpectedly fired on from the Spanish side and Capt. PHILLOTT decided to retire.
    Three men were killed and fifteen wounded by enemy fire on the journey back, including among the latter Capt. PHILLOTT, Capt. BARTHOLOMEW of EREBUS, Lieut. FRAZER, RM, and James EVERINGHAM and J. H. PEEL, midshipmen of ALBION.
  • PRIMROSE sailed for England in the spring and waited at Spithead for a favourable wind to proceed up the Channel.
    While Capt. PHILLOTT was returning on board in his 4-oared gig the boat overturned with the loss of two lives.
    The captain and the three other survivors managed to cling on until they were rescued by a fishing boat two hours later.
  • She paid off at Woolwich in August and on the 26th. of the month Capt. PHILLOTT re-commissioned her on the peace establishment and sailed for Jamaica.
  • 1817 Plymouth.
    After a complete refit she sailed for the West Indies in company with TYRIAN.
    PRIMROSE took out a relief crew for CHILDERS since nearly all the people of that vessel had died of fever in Barbados.
  • 1818 Jamaica.
  • 1820-22 Plymouth.
  • 1824 John STODDART, 01/1824,Plymouth for West Indies.
  • 1826 Oct.
    VERNON, 05/1825, West Indies.
    The sloop visited Vera Cruz, Tampica, Havana and New York and, in July 1827, brought home the British Charge d'affaires and more than 1 million dollars from Mexico.
  • 1827 Thos.
    GRIFFINHOOFE, 08/1827, Coast of Africa.
    William BROUGHTON, 02/1830, African station.
    Four days after taking command BROUGHTON was severely wounded in action with a large Spanish slaver VELOS PASSAGERO (20) bound for Havanna from Wydah.
    A boarding party from PRIMROSE led by the 1st. Lieutenant Edward BUTTERFIELD carried her after two broadsides killing 46 and wounding 20 out of a crew of 155 for a loss of 1 seaman and 2 marines killed and 10 wounded.
    The schooner was carrying 555 slaves but five were unfortunately killed.
    Her captain was Jose Antonio Barbozo, a Biscayan, who lost an arm in the action.
    In 1838 he was commanding a slaving brig,

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