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PORT D'ESPAGNE Schooner Built in 1806, Trinidad. She was presented to the crown by the inhabitants of Trinidad.
Sold in 1811.

  • 1806 Lieut. James Pattison Stewart was appointed acting commander of PORT D'ESPAGNE on the Trinidad station under Rear-Ad. Sir Alex.
    COCHRANE on 15 April 1806.
  • He disguised a prize schooner as a neutral and sent her, on 6 June 1806, under his second lieutenant and 25 men to capture a Spanish privateer, the MERCEDES, which was armed with two carriage guns and two swivels.
    Four of the enemy lost their lives and three were wounded out of a crew of thirty.
    The British had none killed and only two wounded.
  • Lieut. STEWART captured the Spanish privateer schooner MARIA on 18 August 1807 after a chase of six hours. She was armed with one long 18-pounder and had sailed from Margarita with a crew of 74 men on a three month cruise off Barbados.
    Her captain had had a successful 14 year career as a privateer commander.
    Two days later one of the prizes assisted the boats of the schooner BALAHOU in destroying a small privateer in the Bay of San Juan.
  • On the 12th. of the following month her boats, under Lieut's COTGRAVE and HALL, captured the Spanish privateer schooner ROSARIO whose crew of 34 managed to escape ashore and, on the 20th., with the help of Lieut. MURRAY in the schooner BALAHOU, an armed prize from PORT D'ESPAGNE destroyed a small privateer in the Bay of St. Juan.
    A fourth privateer was chased out of of the Gulf of Paria and captured by ATTENTIVE.

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