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PIGMY (14) Cutter The French cutter LA MUTINE taken by APOLLO and others in the Channel on 2 October 1779.
Lost in 1805.

  • 1794 Lieut. WEST, 12/1794.
  • 1797 Lieut. William SHEPHEARD, 01/1797, Channel.
    On 8 January 1799 he captured the French privateer RANCUNE and retook two English brigs laden with iron bars. She was then employed in Quiberon Bay supplying French royalists with arms and money.
    In 1800 she took part in the blockade of Genoa, attacked Cesantico with William RICKETTS in CORSO and took the French privateer LA BATAGLIA de MARENGO out of Ravenna on the 6 September.
    The Imperial trabaccolo DIVINE PROVIDENCE taking rope from Cesanatiro to France was captured on the 17th.
    Three days later she took the brig MADONA DE LAURE from Trepano laden with salt.
    Another five French and Italian vessels were taken between November and the following June.
  • Lieut. SHEPHEARD was presented with a gold snuff box by the deputies of the Mercantile Insurance Co, at Trieste in appreciation of his work in suppressing piracy in the Adriatic.
  • On the 18 February 1801 he captured a French privateer trabaccolo ADELAIDE off the island of Lafrina. She was armed with two 12-pounders and one 6-pounder. She was commanded by Dominique Cannilla with 51 men and had taken one small prize in the seven days she had been out of Ancona.
  • He encountered another trabaccolo off the Isle of Lonzo on the 15 March and chased her as far as the Isle of Molata where she anchored and hoisted French colours but struck them as soon as PIGMY fired a shot. She was the privateer ACHILLE, commanded by Francisco Bruni with 44 men and armed with four 9-pounders and six 2-pounders. She had only been out of Ancona for one day.
    On 8 June she took the armed transport PRUDENTE off Syria while in sight of Gantheaume's squadron.
    The enemy vessel was bound for Alexandria from Toulon with ammunition and tools and had more than 100 people on board.
  • In July he was watching a squadron of French ships under Rear-Ad. Gantheaume and reported to Capt. HALLOWELL in SWIFTSURE that they had left Durasso on the 7th. after attempting to land troops.
    HALLOWELL met up with them off Cape Derne after leaving his convoy and SWIFTSURE was captured.
  • PIGMY returned to Portsmouth from Gibraltar on 23 July 1802.
  • 1803 Lieut. WHITE, 12/1802, St. Helens.
  • 1804 Lieut. BURGESS, 02/1804, after Lieut. WHITE resigned due to ill health.
    On 19 December 1804 a dreadful gale caused damage to shipping both at Plymouth and the Channel Islands.
    PIGMY was towed into Guernsey Pier a mere wreck.
    A Guernsey gentleman, assisting in the hauling on, had his thighs fractured when a hawser gave way and two seamen suffered broken legs.
  • 1805 Lieut. SMITH.
    In August 1805 she was wrecked in St. Aubins Bay, Jersey.
    On 19 August Lieut. SMITH faced a court martial and was acquitted of all blame.
    The pilot was sentenced to be reprimanded.
  • PIGMY.
    (Purchased 1806.
    Wrecked 1807) 1807 Lieut. George M. HIGGINSON. She was wrecked of Rochefort on 2 March 1807.

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