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PIERCER (16) Gunvessel Built in 1794, Dover.
Sold in 1802.

  • 1800 Lieut. FIELD, Spithead.
    PIERCER and HAUGHTY joined WOLVERINE and ESPIEGLE at anchor off Lemmer on the 27 September 1799.
    The enemy had a thousand regulars in the town when Capt. BOLTON of WOLVERINE called on them to surrender the town to the Prince of Orange or he would start a bombardment.
    The squadron pushed through the oozy mud until the gunvessels were a pistol-shot from the shore when they were fired on.
    The action which followed lasted an hour until the enemy deserted the town and PIERCER's boat's crew planted the British standard on the pier.
    By now the gale was freshening and PIERCER was stuck firmly in the mud so Lieut. REDDY of SPEEDWELL had to go in a flatboat to get her off.
  • PIERCER was sold in May 1802 during the general disarmament after the Treaty of Amiens.

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