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PIERCER (14) Gun-brig Built in 1804, Topsham.
Transferred to Hanover in 1814.

  • 1808 Lieut. John SIBRELL, Baltic.
    On 8 June 1808 she was in action with Danish gunboats (see CHARGER).
  • 1811 Ditto, Basque Roads.
    On the 27 December 1811 PIERCER was witness to the capture of 104 men in the boats of COLOSSUS and CONQUESTADOR.
    They had been attacking an enemy convoy passing along the shore in the Basque Roads when the wind shifted as they were south of the Chatillon reef enabling the convoy escorts to attack them.
    The boat's crews were taken prisoner ashore without PIERCER being able to come to their assistance.
  • 1812 Lieut. Joshua KNEESHAW, Plymouth.
    At the end of November 1813 a squadron consisting of DESIREE, SHAMROCK, PIERCER, BLAZER, REDBREAST and seven gunboats co-operated with a small detachment of Russian troops under Colonel Radinger in the reduction of French batteries at Cuxhaven.
    On the 29th., while the gunboats maintained a steady fire, they landed guns from the squadron and set up a battery of six 18-pounders, two 32-pounders and two 6-pounders only 400 yards from the French works.
    When the morning mist cleared on the 30th. the enemy asked for a truce and surrendered 26 heavy guns, two 13" mortars and 300 officers and men.
  • In December the squadron moved to Gluckstadt to co-operate with a detachment of the Swedish army under General Baron de Boye in the reduction of the fortress there.
    Because there was insufficient water for DESIREE to approach, six of her 32-pounders were landed to form a battery (because of the bad roads only two were mounted) and two long 18-pounders were put into each brig.
    The gun boats began to bombard the town on the evening of the 25th. with the brigs joining in for the whole of the next day.
    The attack was repeated on the 26th. and 27th.
  • On the 28th., when the fire from the fortress continued unabated, two 18-pounders and two mortars from Cuxhaven were landed and two more of the original 32-pounders were brought up.
    With the guns firing red hot shot a tremendous attack was launched on the morning of the 1 January and, in spite of numerous fires throughout the town and heavy casualties, the governor did not surrender until the 5th.
  • 161 pieces of ordnance were captured.
    PIERCER, although much damaged had no casualties.

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