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PICKLE Armed tender No details.
  • In 1801 she was attached to the sloop CURACOA, Francis John NOTT.
    On the 25 September 1801, commanded by Lieut. GREENSHIELDS of CURACOA with 35 officers, men and boys, she was off San Domingo when a strange sail was seen bearing down on her with an English ensign flying.
    As soon as she approached within pistol shot the stranger hoisted Spanish colours and opened fire.
    The action had continued for an hour and a quarter before the enemy attempted to board and, when they were frustrated in this, made sail away pursued by PICKLE.
    After an hour and a half she had to give up a fruitless chase.
    Lieut. GREENSHIELDS had been killed by a musket ball through the body after 40 minutes.
    Midshipman Mr PEARCE, master's mate Robert HAYER and seven men were wounded.
    The enemy mounted two 12 and two 9-pounders and was manned by about 70 men.

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