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PHOENIX (36) Built in 1783, Burlesdon.
Wrecked in 1816.

  • 1800 Capt. L. W. HALSTED, Lisbon station.
    Letters from Gibraltar dated 29 December 1799 stated that PHOENIX had captured four Spanish prizes and sent them into Gibraltar.
    On the 25th. she took a large Spanish ship bringing silks and bale goods from Lima to Cadiz.
  • 1803 under repair at Portsmouth.
  • 1805 Capt Thomas BAKER, Channel fleet.
  • 1815 Capt. Charles John AUSTEN. She sailed for the Mediterranean early in 1815 and, during the renewal of hostilities, while TREMENDOUS, ALMENE and PARTRIDGE remained off Naples, Capt. AUSTEN sailed for the Adriatic with UNDAUNTED and GARLAND under his orders.
    PHOENIX and GARLAND blockaded the port of Brindisi where two large frigates were lying and, after the surrender of Naples on 20 May 1815 Capt. AUSTEN negotiated their return to the flag of King Ferdinand IV as laid down in the convention of Casa Lanzi at Capua.
  • Capt. AUSTEN then took AQUILON, GARLAND and REYNARD in search of the frigate JUNON and a small French squadron which had been raiding commerce in the Greek Archipelago.
    He was unsuccessful and, following the final defeat of Napoleon, PHOENIX was employed against the pirates which infested the area.
  • In February next year PHOENIX, at Smyrna, was ordered to Gibraltar to join Lord EXMOUTH's expedition to Algiers. She sailed in a gale and was soon forced to take refuge in the port of Chisme.
    Here, in spite of cutting away her masts and putting out three anchors, she was driven ashore when the wind shifted to the north.
    No lives were lost and the stores were salvaged and taken to Malta.
    At a court martial held on board BOYNE at Tunis on 22 April, the blame for the disaster was laid on the Greek pilots and Capt. AUSTEN, his officers and crew were fully acquitted.
  • PHOENIX (1789 Jersey.
    Privateer owned by a Mr Janvrin) 1800 Capt. Daniel HAMON.
    On the 18 July he provided Capt. DIGBY of ALCMENE with intelligence of two Spanish merchant vessels in the harbour of Vivero.
    PHOENIX followed ALCMENE in and they ran between the FELICIDAD, a ship of about 7-800 tons, and BISSARO, a brig of about 400 tons.
    They were laden with timber, hemp and iron for the arsenal at Ferrol.
    Lieuts. WARREN and OLIVER with boarding parties secured the two prizes with help from Mr.
    (his name is given as HAMMOND in Capt. DIGBY's report) On the 25th. Capt. DIGBY sent PHOENIX off in chase of a French sloop bound from San Domingo to Bordeaux which she captured.
  • On 20 July 1801 PHOENIX captured a chasse-maree laden with wheat while on passage between Santander and Corunna and sent her into Plymouth on 22 August.
    Six other deeply laded chasse-maree were sent into Guernsey.

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