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PHOENIX Privateer Jersey. Privateer owned by a Mr Janvrin in 1789 .
  • 1800 Capt. Daniel HAMON.
  • On the 18 July he provided Capt. DIGBY of ALCMENE with intelligence of two Spanish merchant vessels in the harbour of Vivero. PHOENIX followed ALCMENE in and they ran between the FELICIDAD, a ship of about 7-800 tons, and BISSARO, a brig of about 400 tons. They were laden with timber, hemp and iron for the arsenal at Ferrol. Lieuts. WARREN and OLIVER with boarding parties secured the two prizes with help from Mr. HAMON. (his name is given as HAMMOND in Capt. DIGBY's report) On the 25th. Capt. DIGBY sent PHOENIX off in chase of a French sloop bound from San Domingo to Bordeaux which she captured.
  • On 20 July 1801 PHOENIX captured a chasse-maree laden with wheat while on passage between Santander and Corunna and sent her into Plymouth on 22 August. Six other deeply laded chasse-maree were sent into Guernsey.

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