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PHIPPS (14) Schooner Dutch schooner purchased in 1808.
Broken up in 1813.

  • 1808 Portsmouth.
  • 1810 Lieut. Christopher BELL.
    Just before midnight on 15 November 1810 Lieut. BELL chased a privateer lugger so close inshore off Calais that, after firing some grape-shot into her, he had to let her go.
    Having previously noticed two other luggers to windward he asked the pilot, Mr Richard SICKETT, to beat along the shore and about 5 o'clock in the morning they got close enough to start an action with one of them.
    For a quarter of an hour the enemy tried to work round PHIPPS and run ashore and since they were only in three and a half fathoms the only way to capture her was to run her aboard.
  • Lieut. Robert TRYON, Mr WRIGHT, master's mate, and Mr GEDDESS, boatswain, led the boarders and the lugger surrendered after a few minutes fighting in which a seaman, John THOMPSON, and Lieut. TRYON were dangerously wounded.
    Lieut. TRYON was wounded by a 12-pound shot from one of PHIPPS's guns while he was on board the enemy.
    His left shoulder-blade was shattered and a wound a foot long left the ribs bare.
    he died in London eight weeks later.
    On the French side six were killed and eleven wounded out of sixty; among the wounded was her captain, Francois Brunet, and most of her other officers.
    The lugger was the BARBIER DE SEVILLE (16), a brand new vessel which had sailed from Boulogne two days previously.
  • At daylight ZEPHYR came up and Capt DICKENS assisted in transferring the prisoners before PHIPPS took the prize in tow.
    Unfortunately, because of the shots that she had received between wind and water, the lugger took in water and she soon went down taking seaman John PIERCE with her.
  • Goddard BLENNERHASSET was appointed to her in November but took command of CHALLENGER instead.
  • 1812 Thomas WELLS, Sheerness Downs.
    On 11 March 1812 he captured the French privateer lugger CERF by boarding. She carried five guns and eight swivels, had a crew of 31 and had sailed the same day from Calais.
  • PHIPPS was broken up during February-March 1813.

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