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PERT (18) The French LE SERPENT taken by ACASTA (40) off La Guira on 17 July 1808.
Broken up in 1813.

  • On the 10 November 1808 FRANCHISE, AURORA, DAEDALUS, REINDEER and PERT met accidentally and conceived the idea of taking the town and port of Samana to help the Spanish patriots blockading San Domingo.
    It was also was the last port of refuge for privateers to the windward of San Domingo and the enemy were in the act of erecting batteries for its protection.
    They entered the following day and took possession of the harbour, two privateers, EXCHANGE and GUERRIER, and three other small vessels laden with fish and coffee.
    On the morning of the 16th. PERT and REINDEER recaptured two prizes, the English ship JEANNET, R. Bradshaw, master, bound for London from Havana, and the Spanish St. ERASMO,A. Gerona, master, from Malaga to Havana with wine and bale goods.
  • 1811 Out of commission at Deptford.

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