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PERSIAN (18) Built in 1809, Cowes (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1813.

  • 1809 S. COLQUITT, cruising in Channel.
    He was promoted to post captain on 21.10.10, the fifth anniversary of Trafalgar.
    Charles BERTRAM, 10/1810, Guernsey.
    The station at Beachy Head signalled to PERSIAN on the afternoon of 5 April 1811 that a smuggling vessel was discharging her cargo in the offing. She gave chase and, after about eight hours, saw a lugger on the lee bow heading for France.
    After a further hour and several broadsides Capt. BERTRAM had the satisfaction of seeing her bring to. She was the privateer AMBUSCADE of 14 guns, normally with 63 men, but now with only 36 on board.
    Commanded by Nicholas Augustine Briganda, she had been out from Dieppe for nearly two days.
  • On 27 March 1812, PERSIAN, out of Jersey, chased a lugger standing to the westward and, after three hours and several broadsides she struck and proved to be the French lugger privateer PETIT JEAN.
    Eight of her sixteen guns had been throw overboard during a gale in which she had lost eight men washed away. She was commanded by Francois Clemence and belonged to Dieppe which she had left eight days before.
  • 1813 Ditto West Indies.
    On the 16 June 1813 she was wrecked on the Silver Keys shoal just north of the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic).
  • It was the opinion of the court martial which was convened in GOLIATH at the Saints in October that the loss was occasioned either by a strong southerly current setting at a rate of 4 knots or that the Admiralty charts showed the shoals 20 miles too far to the south.
    The conduct of Cdr. BERTRAM, his officers and his crew was highly praised by the court.

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