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PERSEUS Bomb Built in 1776, Rotherhithe as a 6th rate.
Broken up in 1805.

  • 1799 James OSWALD, Spithead Mediterranean.
    On 1 August 1799 NELSON wrote to the Admiralty: "Capt. OSWALD, whom I have sent to England, is an officer most highly deserving of promotion.
    I have put Lieut. (Henry) COMPTON, who has served with me as a lieutenant since January 1796, into the command of PERSEUS."
  • In September 1799 PERSEUS was employed off Civita Vecchia, and on the 30th., Lieut. COMPTON received orders from Commodore TROUBRIDGE to carry out the articles of capitulation and escort the French troops there to Toulon.
    He was then to communicate with the British ambassador at Palermo before joining Lord NELSON.
  • NELSON sent him first to Egypt and then to assist with the blockade of Malta.
    PERSEUS was unable to stand up to the gales of a Mediterranean winter and was so badly damaged when taking dispatches to Naples that she had to go to Gibraltar for repairs.
    It was found impossible to do more than patch her up so Lord LEITH ordered her escort a small convoy back to England.
    The convoy was soon dispersed in a series of gales and PERSEUS struggled home with her pumps in action for most of the time. She was put out of commission at Woolwich early in 1801.

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