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PERDRIX (22) Taken by Capt. Simon MILLER of VANGUARD off Antigua in June 1795.
Broken up in 1799.

  • 1796 Capt. William Charles FAHIE, 02/1796, Leeward Is.
    On 13 January 1798 PERDRIX and FAVORITE were under repair in the dockyard at English Harbour, Antigua.
    Capt. FAHIE was absent from the ship on leave and Lieut. Charles PETERSON was acting commander.
    Lieut. Lord CAMELFORD of FAVORITE, the senior officer, issued orders for the crew of PERDRIX to row guard during the night, which orders Lieut. PETERSON refused to obey and ordered his men to come ashore with arms.
    Lord CAMELFORD ordered a party of marines to be landed and, with a pistol in his hand, again asked Lieut. PETERSON if he still refused to obey.
    When he replied that he did Lord CAMELFORD shot him dead.
    The following day Lord CAMELFORD surrendered to Capt. Mitford of MATILDA and at a subsequent Court Martial was honourably acquitted of murder.
    The court was unanimous in the opinion that he had been forced to take strong measures against mutiny.
    (Lord CAMELFORD was killed in a duel with a Mr Best in Kensington on 14 March 1804)

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