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PELTER (14) Gunvessel Built in 1794, Blackwall.
Sold in 1802.

  • 1794 Lieut. Nicholas TOMLINSON, in July.
  • 1795 Under orders of Sir John WARREN off the French coast supporting the disastrous Royalist expedition to Quiberon, and covering their retreat.

    From PELTER's log:
    "21 July 1795.
    At daylight the enemy attacked the fort [Penthievre], hove up and went to their assistance, but found our troops beat out of it, and retreating; a signal from the Commodore to cover the embarkation, ran in close and let go the anchor, and kept up a constant fire; a signal to come within hail, hove up again; at 8 a.m.
    The first signal was repeated, we again ran within pistol shot of the shore and let go our anchor, and brought our broadside on; kept up a continual fire on the enemy who had by this time pressed very close on our troops, who appeared to be in great disorder, and at half past ten were obliged to surrender prisoners of war; at eleven hove up and took a berth further off shore. "

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